Shoe # 45 – Pop of Color

I’m going really try to save a lot of shoes this week. I started the week with this hot pink pointy flats. I even got into the fashion trend of “pop of color” here with this outfit. I was tempted to match the lipstick with the shoes but I didn’t go that far (I have t say that right now, my toe nails match exactly this shade of pink). I chose a different shade of pink instead.

WHAT: Aldo hot pink pointy ballet flats
WHEN: Monday, January 23rd
WITH: T-shirt and necklaces from Charlotte RusseBulova watch, Gap denim vest and belt, earrings from Brasil, VS Pencil jeans from Victoria’s Secret


Shoe # 44 – Very-Ultra-Super Pointy Shoes

I got these pair of shoes for my 31st birthday. It was a loooong time ago. I really was in love with them. I always liked the pointy ones. I know that now a days they are not in style anymore. I have to say that now, I like better the round ones. But I still like the mix of browns on these pair so I decided to save them.

WHAT: Aldo stilettos
WHEN: Sunday, January 22nd
WHERE: Visiting friends who had a baby (another one!)
WITH: Top from Banana RepublicGuess watch, Forever 21 skirt, handmade bag from Brasil

Shoe # 43 – Mommy and me

My daughter had asked me all week-long to go to the play ground at Chik-Fill-A. The thing is, it’s really a McDonalds and I don’t know why she insist to call it Chik-Fill-A. They have a big playground outside so I though today finally take her there.

The shoes weren’t the most appropriated ones for an afternoon at McDonalds but I need to save them, so I wore them anyways. The thing is that I already have used these boots many times this year, but have never photograph them.

WHAT: Black boots from Deba it’s what it says inside of the boots. I don’t remember where I got them)
WHEN: Saturday, January 21st
WHERE: Taking my daughter to McDonalds playground
WITH: Leggings from Steve Madden, top from NY & Co., gifted earrings, Bulova watch

Shoe # 42 – Preppy style

The challenge is close to an end and I still have so my shoes to save. I decided that I need to save at least all my flats. I chose the stripe one from No boundaries today. I didn’t know which outfit to match because they have a more spring/summer feeling to me.

It was cold in the morning (39F) but when I check the forecast, it saw it was going to get to 75F!. So I decide to put an outfit that would be suitable for both weathers. I have to say that the vest made me a little too hot when I left the university around 2:30 PM.  But now looking the pictures, I notice that it’s a little bit like preppy style isn’t it?

WHAT: No Boundaries striped flats (I think I got them at Walmart)
WHEN: Friday, January 20th
WHERE: Working
WITH: VS Pencil jeans from Victoria’s Sectret, vest from Schooner (a Brasilian store) from dizillions of years ago, white shirt from Lady Hathaway (bought at Costco), jeans jacket from GAP

Shoe # 41 – Rain, rain, go away…

Today it was pouring rain all day long. All-day-long!!! Non-stop! So I took the opportunity to save one of my rain boots.

I thought to take the pictures outside, but it is still raining a lot so I decide to take them on the same old spot.

I took these pictures right after done a facial so I I have no make up on. Except for a lipstick otherwise you would think it was a ghost on the photos. My hair also didn’t help much. With all these rain, it got so frizzy that I had to put a hair clip on my bangs.

WHAT: GAP rain boots
WHEN: Wednesday, January 18th
WHERE: Working
WITH: Skinny jeans from Forever 21, trench coat from Banana Republic
I didn’t even bother to take a picture without the trench coat because I was using just a boring sweater. The trench coat was way more interesting.
And I forgot to take a close up picture with my camera and I got lazy to set i up again so I just took one with my phone.

Shoe # 40 – It’s cold today

Thanks God the week finally finished. And the best part is that I holiday next Monday! Even though I’m happy it’s a holiday, I wish it was a little bit more into the semester. After only a week of classes, a holiday does not have the same effect on me than after at least a month of classes. I think they should have at least one holiday per month!

It’s is very cold today. But I had planned to save for the challenge one of my last pairs of flats (I still have another two pairs to save) and I didn’t want to change the outfit I had planned so I added a scarf to keep me warm.

WHAT: Aldo satin flats
WHEN: Friday, January 13th
WHERE: Working
WITH: Tights from George for Walmart, top from Victorias’s SecretGuess watch, headband from Brasil (a silver version of the one I used yesterday), scarf from more than 10 years ago from Brasil
I forgot to take a picture of the headband. I was in such a hurry to take the pictures and posted before Friday was over. I was very tired as well (reason why I don’t look very happy on the pictures). The only picture where it showed better, I looked awful so I tried to cropped the picture but I couldn’t do it in WordPress.

Shoe # 39 – Winter wedges

On the second day of classes, I decide to finally use my winter wedges. I need to buy more shoes like this one, that are very comfortable but are not flats. I’m not particularly crazy about the look of these, but they are very comfortable. And “they” say you should not wear glares with flats but since I love flares and I own 14 pairs of flats and only two comfortable heeled shoes, I think soon I’ll go against “them”and I’ll start to use flares with flats!

I set a goal to save at least 3 pair of shoes per week in order to catch up with the challenge. Let’s see if I can keep up with my goal.

WHAT: GAP winter wedges
WHEN: Friday, January 11th
WHERE: Beauty day
WITH: Flare jeans from Loft, top from Victorias’s Secret, Guess watch, sandal wood earrings from Brasil, headband from Brasil

Shoe # 38 – First day of class

The spring semester started on Monday, the 9th. After I was done with my classes that day I thought: how long for April 27th (last day of classes)??? I hope tis semester will be easier than the previous one. One of the courses that I though last semester, I’m teaching again now so everything is prepared. In this semester I have a new course. Nobody have taught it for the past 15, 20 years. It’s good because I can totally make it my own but I don’t have anything. I’m preparing everything from scratch.

Time is running fast and I still have lots of shoe to save before the end of the challenge. The shoe that I saved on the first day of class was another one of the handmade ones, by my friends Totty and Lea.

WHAT: Black hand made shoes made by my Brasilian friends Totty and Lea
WHEN: Monday, January 9th
WHERE: First day of classes
WITH: Flare jeans from GAP, shirt and belt from Banana Republic, gifted earrings, Bulova watch

Shoe # 37 – New hair

Today I end up spending my whole morning doing beauty services. First I went to shape my eyebrows. They were horrendous so I went to my Indian lady. She is awesome. The treading technique is also awesome. In Brasil, everybody uses a tweezer to do it (I never did myself, I always end up with a hole in the middle of my eyebrows when I tried). here is USA, everybody wants to do your eyebrows with wax. The problem is, wax on top is ok, but on the skin underneath your eyebrows, not so good. The heat can cause your skin to  sag.

After my eyebrow appointment I decided to do my nails. I went to a different salon since I only like one manicure from the salon I usually go and she wasn’t there. Because I had a 11 am appointment to cut my hair, I had to leave without applying the polish. I was going to go back later this afternoon but end up not going so I’ll do it tomorrow.

Got to the hair salon. I decided to try this guy who was recommended by my realtor. The first time O tried to make an appointment the waiting list was almost two month. I got upset and didn’t go. Then, after going to three different hair stylists in less than one years and not being happy with any of them, I decided to make the appointment with this guy. I thought that if he has a waiting list of 6 weeks, it should be for a good reason.

The salon was awesome, very pretty. The prettiest one I had been in USA so far. First he gave a tour of the place since it was my first time. Then he did a consultation to see what I was expecting from the hair cut. Then it came the washing/massaging and I got a free scalp treatment (a promotion they are doing this month). Finally he cut my hair using the dry technique. He did cut my bangs too short but he apologized right away and he gave a $15.00 discount. I had that happened many times before and usually the people keeps trying to camouflage the short bangs without saying anything.

The only thing I don’t like very much, is that to use the dry cut technique, he needs to flatiron my hair. I like my hair straight sometimes but only blow dry. The hair straightener makes may hair to flat.  I still prefer my curls. I did get lots of complements though. Everybody was saying it looks elegant, chick . This makes me wondering if my curly hairs so so inelegant….

Enough said, here are the pictures. I chose to save one more pair of boots. These are supposed to be over the knee but the suede stretched and now a days they always stay below the knee.

WHAT: Over the knee black sued boots from Chinese Laundry
WHEN: Friday, January 6th
WHERE: Beauty day
WITH: Black legging from Silver One, dress from Xhilaration for Target, gifted earrings, Bulova watch

Shoe # 36 – (Ankle?) boots

The shoe saved today for the shoechallenge is the sister of the one saved yesterday. They were also made by my Brasilian friends Totty and Lea. Both pairs must be almost 10 years old. You can tell by how worn they are. But I can’t trow them out. They also have sentimental value for me because they were handmade by my friends.

I keep using the question mark next to ankle because I don’t really know how to call this type of boots. Ten years ago, they were made to be worn with straight or flare pants. I think back them we have this type of boots and the knee length ones that were mostly used use skirts or dresses. Leggings and skinny jeans were in I think. At least not in Brasil.

These are not exactly ankle boots so I’ll keep calling ankle? with the question mark in the lack of a better term for them. I still have one more pair, also handmade but less worn. The remaining pair has high stiletto style heels and I wouldn’t use to go to work. Hope I have somewhere to use them before the challenge ends.

WHAT: Hand made (ankle?) boots by my Brasilian friends Totty and Lea
WHEN: Thursday, January 5th
WHERE: Working
WITH: VS Pensil jeans from Victoria’s Secret, Bulova watch, sweater from New York and CO. T-shirt from GAP, J. Crew purse, gifted earrings
If you are wondering what the heck a nutcracker does on the floor, that’s was my daughter’s contribution for the picture. She really wanted him to be on it. Latter she interviewed him. She’s been in a reporter mood lately.