And one more…

Because we are moving to Florida we had a farewell party at our house last Saturday. One of my friends gave me as a farewell gift a pair of flats! Yep, with this one I totaled 14 pairs of flats! With his addition, now I have 58 pair of shoes to wear during the shoe challenge .


The Collection

So I finally count all my shoes and excluding sneakers and flip flops, I got 57 shoes to wear during the challenge. I have to say some of them are going to be difficult to wear but it will also be difficult to get rid of them so it will be my last chance to redeem myself and show those babies the outside world!!
And here are my babies!

After I took the picture I notice that there are just 55 pairs because I forgot to include my rain boots. So here is a picture of them totalling 57 pairs.

Why blogging now?

I discovered blogs no more than two years ago and I became addicted to read some of my favorite on a daily bases. I always want to start blogging, but didn’t know what to write about it. I do have one private blog  just to post pictures and videos of my daughter so my family in Brazil or my husband’s family in Iran can follow her growing. But I wanted more, I wanted to have a public blog as well.

Having a 3 years old in home and working 32h/week, left me with no time for anything else. Now I’m moving to Florida and will start working just in August. Even though I have to use this free time to prepare my lectures, I thought it would be fun to join the Shoe Challange by Shoeperwoman.

So here I am, with more than 50 pairs of shoes to wear between February 14th 2011 and February 14th 2012. And since I made a promise to not buy shoes, purses or clothes for myself for one year (started January 24h 2011), I won’t be increasing my collection this year. Although, as I already told my husband, I can’t buy anything for myself but I can get s many gifts anybody wants to give me!!!

I apologize for my grammar mistakes but i’m from Brazil and I arrived in USA in December, 2003 without speak much English. I learned speak well but I still have some trouble writing. I’ll try my best!