Why blogging now?

I discovered blogs no more than two years ago and I became addicted to read some of my favorite on a daily bases. I always want to start blogging, but didn’t know what to write about it. I do have one private blog  just to post pictures and videos of my daughter so my family in Brazil or my husband’s family in Iran can follow her growing. But I wanted more, I wanted to have a public blog as well.

Having a 3 years old in home and working 32h/week, left me with no time for anything else. Now I’m moving to Florida and will start working just in August. Even though I have to use this free time to prepare my lectures, I thought it would be fun to join the Shoe Challange by Shoeperwoman.

So here I am, with more than 50 pairs of shoes to wear between February 14th 2011 and February 14th 2012. And since I made a promise to not buy shoes, purses or clothes for myself for one year (started January 24h 2011), I won’t be increasing my collection this year. Although, as I already told my husband, I can’t buy anything for myself but I can get s many gifts anybody wants to give me!!!

I apologize for my grammar mistakes but i’m from Brazil and I arrived in USA in December, 2003 without speak much English. I learned speak well but I still have some trouble writing. I’ll try my best!


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