Shoe #4 – Nowruz party

My husband is Persian so, besides celebrating the new year on December 31st – January 1st, we also celebrate the Nowruz, or the Persian New Year. It happens on the first day of spring and it has a precise date and time. This year, it happened on March 21st at 2:20:45 AM, Tehran time (March 20th, around 6 pm, in Florida time). 
We went for a Nowruz dinner party at a restaurant owned by a British-Iranian couple (we end up at this restaurant for dinner on the night I moved for good to Gainesville. We planned to go to a restaurant nearby but it was closed at 8 pm and we just walk into the next restaurant close that was opened. When I  looked the menu, I notice some Persian names and I showed to my husband. They had a whole page just with Persian dishes! The waitress told us about the couple who owned the place and that every last Sunday of each month he would do a night with Persian food buffet. We went on the next night and end up meeting a whole Persian community who leaves in Gainesville). 
Anyhow, I got to save one more of my not-so-used-anymore high heeled shoes. 
WHAT: Brown beaded sandals from Aldo
WHEN: Sunday, March 20th
WHERE: Nowruz (Persian New Year) party
WITH: Banana Republic orange silk wrap dress, Aldo beaded bag, Guess watch, Aldo Accessories bracelet and ring (Christmas gifts from hubby), golden hoop earrings from World Market, Persian gold necklace (wedding* gift from mother-in-law).

* Like the Arabics, Persians also give as wedding gift gold, so I got lots of jewelry and gold coins as a wedding gift ;-))

Shoe #3

When I decided to enter the challenge I thought it would be quite easy. I own 58 pair of shoes and there are 365 days in one year. I thought I was going to be able to wear all of them like, 6 times! How wrong I was…
 It’s just so difficult to use an outfit that is worth a picture or even when you are able to use one, there is no time to take the pictures because you are late to go to wherever you are going to.
I learn with this challenge that I use almost every day the same outfit, just changing the shirts, type of pants and FLATS! All I want to use everyday are flats. I use to wear heels all the time. My feet even has a “heel” shape (that was what my orthopedics doctor told me when I broke a toe: you wear heels a lot isn’t it? I can see by the shape of your feet).
But since I had my daughter (who is 3.5 y.o.) I found so much more comfortable and practical to wear flats. First it was when she was an infant and I have to carry her on my arms and then, after she learn how to walk, and I have to run after her.
But I made an effort last Friday because I was going to have a friend coming over to visit so I did use my black platforms. They are so old. I bought them in Brasil like, more than 10 years ago. They are pretty worn out but, even though I haven’t use them so much lately, I still love them.
WHAT: Black platform (Tribo dos Pés)
WHEN: Friday, March 18th
WHERE: At home for a friend’s visit
WITH: Gap crinkled skit, ribbed chain tank from Ann Taylor Loft, Guess watch, turquoise bracelet (gift from a friend many years ago), turquoise earrings (gift from godmother also many years ago)

St. Patrick’s Day

In honor of St. Patrick’s day I decide to wear today my green ballet flats (the truth is that I just realized now, while posting, that I was wearing green shoes on St. Patrick’s day). 

I bought them in 2007 when I went to visit my family in Brasil (we spell it with an S and because I’m a good BraSilian, I’ll always write with an S). I also bought the same flats in gold. I love them both so much that even thought they are getting pretty worn out, I just can’t get rid of them.

The days here In Gainesville (Florida) had been so gorgeous. It’s 81F and we’re not even in the spring yet! I love this weather!! I went outside to take the pictures before I started to run my errants today. 

WHAT: Couraça Green Ballet Flats from Brasil

WHEN: Thursday, March 17th

WHERE: Running errants around town

WITH: Gap cropped jeans, hooded t-shirt from Columbia, Guess watch, bracelet with my name on it (gift from my godmother many years ago), mother-pearl 


bracelet (Christmas gift from hubby) and earrings that I can’t even remember when or where I got them. 

I have to say that the challenge had been good not just to make me try to wear every single shoe that I own but also to see how unflattering some clothes that I use are. I got this pants from a friend who lost weight so she gave them to me. I didn’t like the fact that they are cropped but flare. But I got used to them because they are very comfortable. 

I think I should loose weight too and hand these jeans down to somebody else!! I was doing so good in my weight watchers thing but with the stress of moving I totally stopped count my points. It’s time to get back on track!

Finally one look

The day that the shoe challenge started (02/14/11) it was also the start of my last week in Colorado. That week, my house was being packed and shipped to Florida. Since then, I barely had time to put any shoes on. I usually was just trowing some sweatpants and sneakers or flip flops on it.  
Now my new house is all organized (well, except for all the frames that need t be hanged but if I know my husband, they will stay on the floor for a long time). 
Last Saturday we went out for dinner at some new friends house. So I finally had the opportunity to dress up and save some shoes. The number one to be rescued was a pair of black high heels, from a brand called Classified. I got them from a friend who was moving back to Brasil and was getting rid of some stuff. I must confess I felt really awkward taking pictures of myself. I look at Amber’s pictures or other people that have daily “what I’m wearing blogs”and they always have the nicest pictures.  I hope I can loose up a little in the future but for now, just forgive my awkwardness. 


What: “Almost unknown” peep toe (it says Classified on the insole)

When: Saturday, March 5th, 2011

Where: Dinner at our first new friends house here in Gainesville, FL

With: Black bided dress from Banana Republic