Shoe #4 – Nowruz party

My husband is Persian so, besides celebrating the new year on December 31st – January 1st, we also celebrate the Nowruz, or the Persian New Year. It happens on the first day of spring and it has a precise date and time. This year, it happened on March 21st at 2:20:45 AM, Tehran time (March 20th, around 6 pm, in Florida time). 
We went for a Nowruz dinner party at a restaurant owned by a British-Iranian couple (we end up at this restaurant for dinner on the night I moved for good to Gainesville. We planned to go to a restaurant nearby but it was closed at 8 pm and we just walk into the next restaurant close that was opened. When I  looked the menu, I notice some Persian names and I showed to my husband. They had a whole page just with Persian dishes! The waitress told us about the couple who owned the place and that every last Sunday of each month he would do a night with Persian food buffet. We went on the next night and end up meeting a whole Persian community who leaves in Gainesville). 
Anyhow, I got to save one more of my not-so-used-anymore high heeled shoes. 
WHAT: Brown beaded sandals from Aldo
WHEN: Sunday, March 20th
WHERE: Nowruz (Persian New Year) party
WITH: Banana Republic orange silk wrap dress, Aldo beaded bag, Guess watch, Aldo Accessories bracelet and ring (Christmas gifts from hubby), golden hoop earrings from World Market, Persian gold necklace (wedding* gift from mother-in-law).

* Like the Arabics, Persians also give as wedding gift gold, so I got lots of jewelry and gold coins as a wedding gift ;-))

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