Shoe # 10 – Hippie vibe

Yesterday I decide to save my other pair of jellies that I got from Gap. I used the other one here. I paired the blues ones with my maxi dress from Xhilaration for Target. I didn’t go anywhere special, just dropping my daughter at school and running some errants. 
Time is running fast and I still need to save 48 shoes! This challenge is more difficult than I ever thought. Not that I don’t wear shoes every day but even when I have an outfit that is worth a picture, most of the times I don’t have the time to take the pictures (specially when you need to take 50 shots to get one good one) and then download to the computer and post it. I see now that is a full time job to keep a daily outfit blog.

WHAT: Blue GAP jellies
WHEN: Wednesday, April 27th
WHERE: Running errants
WITH: Maxi dress from Xhilaration for Target, gifted earrings


Shoe # 9 – My biggest shoe sin

I had to go to the University this week to get some paper work done and to start preparing my lectures before the fall semester starts. In my way to the parking lot department to by the permit, I got my first encounter with an alligator! The picture is not very clear because the iphone makes it look like I was miles away from the gator. But I was not!!! I was afraid to get closer for a better shot because I did not know what the gator was planning to do, but I wasn’t as far as the picture is showing. The gatr end up just waiting a bit on the sidewalk and then crossed the street.
Now, regarding the title of this post, I’ll explain: the shoes that I’m wearing are CROCS! You heard me: Crocs!! Shoeperwoman, please to don’t eliminated me from the challenge because I had sin!
I sworn that I would never put the ugliest shoe on Earth on my feet. But one day I was vacationing in Hawaii and I went to visit a friend who was working at Crocs in Waikiki. I got in the store and I started to browse the shoes while waiting for him to finish with a client. Then I saw these sandals and I liked. I was wearing something that was hurting me so I bought them (using my friend’s 50% discount –  I would never pay full price for a pair of Crocs) and put them on right away. I must admit that they are so comfortable. 

WHAT: Crocs wedges

WHEN: Tuesday, April 23th
WHERE: Work (University of Florida)
WITH: Floral skirt from Gap, white polo shirt from Brasil, Guess watch and old bracelets.

Shoe #8 – Picnic at school

Today was parent appreciation day at my daughter’s school so the kids invited all the parents for a picnic during lunch time. 
I was quite late with all the arrangements so I just put the easiest and most comfortable clothes I could find it. For the shoes I chose my salmon jelly flats from GAP which a bought many years ago in one of the store’s clearances. I bought them in three different colors, salmon, blue and transparent. I end up given the transparent one away. 
WHAT: Salmon GAP jellies

WHEN: Thursday, April 14th
WHERE: Picnic at my daughter’s school
WITH: Boyfriend jeans shorts from Mossimo for Target, Ann Taylor Loft shirt, hat from Gymboree (you read right, my head is so damn small that I have to buy hats at children’s stores…so embarrassing), sunglasses – gift from brother (forgot the brand and don’t recognize the logo), Guess watch, bracelet from street fair, earrings from Brasil. 
I wasn’t even going to post this outfit on the Shoeperwoman’s shoe challenge but my daughter started taking pictures of me so I decided to post today’s outfit. She had her picture taken at her school a month ago and now she repeats what probably the photographer did with her during her photo shoot. She likes to direct me telling me how to sit, smile, put my hands and she even put my bracelet on the position where she wanted before she takes each picture. She is just to cute (I know, I’m a proud mama but who isn’t?!). 

And here is my little photographer:

These are her picture eyes. She thinks she need to squeeze them to say cheese!!

Shoe #7 – Favorite flat sandas ever!!

Today I went for a brunch to meet some new Brazilian friends. It was in one of the girls house and the forecast was predicting 85F so I went very summer casual for the brunch.
I bought these gladiators sandals on a shoe sale/clearance at Aldo (I think it’s my favorite shoe – and purses – store here in USA). I payed like $20.00 for them and I just love them so much. I get complemented everywhere I go. I’m not kidding, people that I don’t even know stop me a lot to ask about them. They are getting so worn out but I won’t get rid of them. In my next trip to Brazil I’ll get them fixed (it’s way cheaper to do there than here).
WHAT: Gladiator beaded flat sandals from Aldo
WHEN: Thursday, April 7th
WHERE: Brunch with friends
WITH: Boyfriend jeans shorts from Mossimo for Target, chained white tank top from Ann Taylor Loft, Aldo purse, Banana Republic sunglasses, Guess watch, earrings from Brasil.

Shoe #6 – Aye Captain!

I put this outfit to go out Sunday afternoon for some shopping at Bed, Bath and Beyond and to look for some new furniture. After I took the pictures I realized that almost my whole outfit were gifts from my friend Adriana. She used to live in Miami and moved to Colorado 5 years ago. Now, I went the other way around (well, I’m not in Miami, but I’m Florida).

She gave me the white purse on my birthday and told me it would be perfect for Florida. Then, as a farewell gift, she gave me the swimming suit cover used as a top and the white tank top that’s underneath and the earrings. It’s almost like she dressed me from head to toe, like a personal stylist!

WHAT: White glitter flats from Gap
WHEN: Sunday, April 3rd
WHERE: Browsing furniture stores
WITH: Boyfriend jeans shorts from Mossimo for Target, Jean Paul Gaultier for Target navy swimming suit cover, white tank top from Old Navy, Guess watch, Banana Republic aviator sunglasses, purse from Target, gifted earrings.

Shoe #5 – A special guest on the picture

It had been raining here since Monday, right on beginning of spring break. I’ve been inside home in my pajamas all day long for three days. I was getting so depressed that today I decided to go get a hair cut just to be more motivated to put some clothes on. 
And due the gloomy, rainy day, I was able to save my first pair of boots. These were my last Christmas gift from hubby (among with tons of bracelets, rings and other little things).

WHAT: Camel knee high from Aldo

WHEN: Thursday, March 31th
WHERE: Going to get a hair cut
WITH: Gap jeans skirt, very old green shirt made by a seamstress from Brasil, belt also hand made my a friend from Brasil, gifted headband. 

While I was trying to take the some decent pictures my daughter got very excited to take pictures as well.  The pictures got much better with her on it!

She even got her ladybug rain boots to be on the photo.