Shoe #5 – A special guest on the picture

It had been raining here since Monday, right on beginning of spring break. I’ve been inside home in my pajamas all day long for three days. I was getting so depressed that today I decided to go get a hair cut just to be more motivated to put some clothes on. 
And due the gloomy, rainy day, I was able to save my first pair of boots. These were my last Christmas gift from hubby (among with tons of bracelets, rings and other little things).

WHAT: Camel knee high from Aldo

WHEN: Thursday, March 31th
WHERE: Going to get a hair cut
WITH: Gap jeans skirt, very old green shirt made by a seamstress from Brasil, belt also hand made my a friend from Brasil, gifted headband. 

While I was trying to take the some decent pictures my daughter got very excited to take pictures as well.  The pictures got much better with her on it!

She even got her ladybug rain boots to be on the photo.

3 thoughts on “Shoe #5 – A special guest on the picture

  1. I loved the boots and the "special guest"! I was thinking of posting a picture with my paintings too, pretty much the way you did now… almost the same colors… so as I saw it worked (nice background, really!), I'll try for the next week! Great outfit! By the way… we come from the same country! ;-)Have a nice weekend!Denise

  2. Are you Brasilian too? That's nice!! What are you doing in Germany? I just visited your blog, very nice! You've been blogging for so long. I'm still so amateur…I tried to use wordpress but I coulnd't figure out so I did blogspost. Thanks for the comments!

  3. Yes, I was born there, but lived in several places… in Germany I am – thank God!!!! – finishing my second Master's degree now, this month! I just saw you replied now, blogspot doesn't forward comments… one has to go to the original post to get the answer…Can't wait to go back to England, it's so "hard" here! (Many nice people, but not at the university…)Have a greeeeeeat day! And thanks for visiting my blog! Yours is very nice!

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