Shoe #6 – Aye Captain!

I put this outfit to go out Sunday afternoon for some shopping at Bed, Bath and Beyond and to look for some new furniture. After I took the pictures I realized that almost my whole outfit were gifts from my friend Adriana. She used to live in Miami and moved to Colorado 5 years ago. Now, I went the other way around (well, I’m not in Miami, but I’m Florida).

She gave me the white purse on my birthday and told me it would be perfect for Florida. Then, as a farewell gift, she gave me the swimming suit cover used as a top and the white tank top that’s underneath and the earrings. It’s almost like she dressed me from head to toe, like a personal stylist!

WHAT: White glitter flats from Gap
WHEN: Sunday, April 3rd
WHERE: Browsing furniture stores
WITH: Boyfriend jeans shorts from Mossimo for Target, Jean Paul Gaultier for Target navy swimming suit cover, white tank top from Old Navy, Guess watch, Banana Republic aviator sunglasses, purse from Target, gifted earrings.


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