Shoe #8 – Picnic at school

Today was parent appreciation day at my daughter’s school so the kids invited all the parents for a picnic during lunch time. 
I was quite late with all the arrangements so I just put the easiest and most comfortable clothes I could find it. For the shoes I chose my salmon jelly flats from GAP which a bought many years ago in one of the store’s clearances. I bought them in three different colors, salmon, blue and transparent. I end up given the transparent one away. 
WHAT: Salmon GAP jellies

WHEN: Thursday, April 14th
WHERE: Picnic at my daughter’s school
WITH: Boyfriend jeans shorts from Mossimo for Target, Ann Taylor Loft shirt, hat from Gymboree (you read right, my head is so damn small that I have to buy hats at children’s stores…so embarrassing), sunglasses – gift from brother (forgot the brand and don’t recognize the logo), Guess watch, bracelet from street fair, earrings from Brasil. 
I wasn’t even going to post this outfit on the Shoeperwoman’s shoe challenge but my daughter started taking pictures of me so I decided to post today’s outfit. She had her picture taken at her school a month ago and now she repeats what probably the photographer did with her during her photo shoot. She likes to direct me telling me how to sit, smile, put my hands and she even put my bracelet on the position where she wanted before she takes each picture. She is just to cute (I know, I’m a proud mama but who isn’t?!). 

And here is my little photographer:

These are her picture eyes. She thinks she need to squeeze them to say cheese!!


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