Shoe # 9 – My biggest shoe sin

I had to go to the University this week to get some paper work done and to start preparing my lectures before the fall semester starts. In my way to the parking lot department to by the permit, I got my first encounter with an alligator! The picture is not very clear because the iphone makes it look like I was miles away from the gator. But I was not!!! I was afraid to get closer for a better shot because I did not know what the gator was planning to do, but I wasn’t as far as the picture is showing. The gatr end up just waiting a bit on the sidewalk and then crossed the street.
Now, regarding the title of this post, I’ll explain: the shoes that I’m wearing are CROCS! You heard me: Crocs!! Shoeperwoman, please to don’t eliminated me from the challenge because I had sin!
I sworn that I would never put the ugliest shoe on Earth on my feet. But one day I was vacationing in Hawaii and I went to visit a friend who was working at Crocs in Waikiki. I got in the store and I started to browse the shoes while waiting for him to finish with a client. Then I saw these sandals and I liked. I was wearing something that was hurting me so I bought them (using my friend’s 50% discount –  I would never pay full price for a pair of Crocs) and put them on right away. I must admit that they are so comfortable. 

WHAT: Crocs wedges

WHEN: Tuesday, April 23th
WHERE: Work (University of Florida)
WITH: Floral skirt from Gap, white polo shirt from Brasil, Guess watch and old bracelets.


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