Shoe #16 – Lunch with one, dinner with another

Today, suddenly my agenda became pretty full. Till yesterday night, the only thing I had to do today was take my daughter to see her pediatrician. Then around dinner time yesterday, I got a call from a friend inviting me for lunch to meet her parents that are visiting from Brazil.
Then today, right before I leave the house to go for lunch, I got a call from another friend inviting me for dinner at her house today. 
And because our lunch was very late and we stayed till 2:30 pm just chatting in the restaurant, and the pediatrician visit lasted 1 hour (time with the doctor = 15 min, remaining time = waiting for the doctor), I barely had time to take these pictures and post here before having to leave the house for dinner.

WHAT: Striped espadrilles from Gap
WHEN: Thursday, May 19th
WHERE: Lunch with friends, dinner with other friends
WITH: Jeans skirt from New York & Company, Bulova watch, Banana Republic top, earrings, straw bag and headband from Brazil, graduation ring that belong to my grandfather and now it’s mine


Shoesday #1

I decided to join Shoeperwoman on the Shoesdays as well. It’s much easier than the shoe challenge, you just to take a pictures of the shoes you are wearing today. So here it is, the one that I already mention it was so easy to save because I use them all the time: my black ballet flats from Merona for Target.

Shoe # 15 – The Sparkling Shoe

I just realized today that there are 39 weeks till the end of the challenge. And I still have 44 pairs of shoes to save!! Well, after today, “just” 43 pairs. 
Today, the chosen one was another glitter ballet flats from Gap. I have the same pair in different color that I already saved here.
I got both of them on sale. The one I’m wearing today I got right before Christmas and I paid like $9.99 and then I had a coupon for 20% off so, it ended up very cheap. Then, after Christmas I was getting into the fitting rooms to try the top I’m wearing today (I love the shoulder details of this top) and I saw the other pair for $1.99. And because it was a Tuesday and the store have a 10% off on everything on Tuesdays, the shoes were almost free.
Today I just went to change the oil of my car on the Mitsubishi/GMC dealer in town and they have this great deal on Mondays when you can get a free manicure while waiting service. I’m thinking to start to hear different noises on my car and bring it for them to check “what is the problem” every Monday 😉 

WHAT: White glitter flats from Gap
WHEN: Monday, May 16th
WHERE: Mitsubishi/GMC dealer for car oil change
WITH: Black skinny jeans Xhilaration for Target, Gap top, Bulova watch, Banana Republic aviator sunglasses, earrings from Target, bracelet from Aldo Accessories , graduation ring that belong to my grandfather and now it’s mine

Shoe #14 – The Squeaky Shoe

I’m calling these ones the squeaky shoes because the friction between my toes and the top part of the shoes was making a very loud noise. I had the “brilliant” idea of put some powder inside so there would be no friction. My plan worked till I got to the university.
As I got there and started to walk up and down, back and forth to deal with all the bureaucratic that I still needed to solve, the shoes started again EEK, EEK, EEK as I walk. I bet people were thinking that there was a toddler running around the department.

WHAT: Silver ballet flats Aldo
WHEN: Tuesday, May 10th
WHERE: Work at university
WITH: Top from Express, jeans from See Thru Soul (bought at Nordstron Rack), Aldo purse, earring hand made by a friend in Brasil, necklace from Iran (wedding gift from brother-in-law), my everyday watch from Bulova.

Shoe #13 – Black and White

Monday I went to work at the university. So it was kind of a boring outfit. And I saved the easiest shoe that I have to be saved on the challenge: black ballet flats. I use them so much that sometimes I have to remind myself to put some other pair of flats on.  
Because the outfit was all black and white, I took the pictures in front of the black and white panel of pictures of my daughter’s first year. I used these panels as a decoration on her first birthday party.
WHAT: Black ballet flats Merona for Target
WHEN: Monday, May 9th
WHERE: Work at University
WITH: Skirt and T-shirt from Forever 21, belt from Volcon, headband from Brasil, Guess watch, bracelets from Charlotte Russe, Banana Republic purse.

Shoe # 12 – Mother’s Day

Sunday was Mother’s day and my husband is in China. I was alone with my daughter and the same adorable friend who trow the baby shower party didn’t want me to stay alone so she invited me to tag along her family for mother’s day lunch. 
First I was lazy to go but then I though this would be another excellent opportunity to save another pair of shoes for the shoe challenge. I chose to save this pair of high heels strap sandals that I have for more than 10 years. They are from Brazil, from a brand called Czarina. Unfortunately, it seems that the English version of the site is not ready.

WHAT: Black Czarina sandals
WHEN: Sunday, May 8th
WHERE: Mother’s day lunch
WITH: Dress from Banana Republic, earrings from Costco, Aldo clutch, ring from Also Accessories, Calvin Klein watch, hairband from Nordstrom Rack.

This is the coolest watch ever! My husband and I saw this watch on the magazine of TAP airlines on a flight from Frankfurt to Lisbon. We both loved it. For my birthday he asked me what I wanted and I said I wanted the watch. We search the internet and we founded on amazon way cheaper than on the airline. 

These earrings have a funny story. My husband saw them at Costco and called me to show them because I love earrings. Maybe I should start a earring challenge to see if I can wear all the earrings that I have. He surprised me with them on our wedding anniversary. Then, because liked them so much and also because she can’t remember anything, he surprised me again with another pair on my birthday!  And he could not believe he already had give to me until I showed him the previous pair.

Shoe #11 – Baby Shower Party

Last Saturday was the baby shower of one of my new friends here from Florida. Is her third baby and Americans usually don’t do a baby shower if it’s not your first baby. In Brasil, we have baby showers for every baby so another Brazilian friend decide to trow her a shower. 
Here is the outfit chosen to go to the party:

WHAT: Hand made, made to order elastic strap sandals
WHEN: Saturday, May 7th
WHERE: Baby shower party
WITH: Dress from Banana Republic, earrings from a Brazilian market in Colorado, Aldo purse, belt from Anthropologie, necklace made by a friend from Brasil.

These shoes were hand made for me by a couple that I was friend with in Brasil. It was so good to have the shoes made to fit perfectly my long and narrow feet. I always had a problem buying sandals because I was a Brazilian size 37. But then my toes would slip to the front and go outside the straps because they were so loose for me.  My friend, who was an excellent shoemaker, would make my shoes with a size 35 for the top and the length size would be 37.
The nicest thing about hand made shoes made just for you is, like when you do a dress on a seamstress and you go for the fittings, you would go for your shoe fitting. So you could adjust the straps till they were comfortable for you. Also, my friends and I would go to expensive shoe stores, get the catalog and make inspired shoes for half price! I miss them a lot!

This pair was made with elastic straps. A friend bought this one on a store and all of us decided to copy the model in different colors and heel sizes. I chose a lower heel so the shoes are very comfortable and I can use during the day even if I have to walk a lot. I’m not a good heel walker as is Shoeperwoman.

I forgot to take pictures at the party and I tried to copy the ones that the host put on Facebook but unfortunately FB does not allow me to copy the pictures. The decoration was so lovely and the cupcakes were adorable.