Shoe #11 – Baby Shower Party

Last Saturday was the baby shower of one of my new friends here from Florida. Is her third baby and Americans usually don’t do a baby shower if it’s not your first baby. In Brasil, we have baby showers for every baby so another Brazilian friend decide to trow her a shower. 
Here is the outfit chosen to go to the party:

WHAT: Hand made, made to order elastic strap sandals
WHEN: Saturday, May 7th
WHERE: Baby shower party
WITH: Dress from Banana Republic, earrings from a Brazilian market in Colorado, Aldo purse, belt from Anthropologie, necklace made by a friend from Brasil.

These shoes were hand made for me by a couple that I was friend with in Brasil. It was so good to have the shoes made to fit perfectly my long and narrow feet. I always had a problem buying sandals because I was a Brazilian size 37. But then my toes would slip to the front and go outside the straps because they were so loose for me.  My friend, who was an excellent shoemaker, would make my shoes with a size 35 for the top and the length size would be 37.
The nicest thing about hand made shoes made just for you is, like when you do a dress on a seamstress and you go for the fittings, you would go for your shoe fitting. So you could adjust the straps till they were comfortable for you. Also, my friends and I would go to expensive shoe stores, get the catalog and make inspired shoes for half price! I miss them a lot!

This pair was made with elastic straps. A friend bought this one on a store and all of us decided to copy the model in different colors and heel sizes. I chose a lower heel so the shoes are very comfortable and I can use during the day even if I have to walk a lot. I’m not a good heel walker as is Shoeperwoman.

I forgot to take pictures at the party and I tried to copy the ones that the host put on Facebook but unfortunately FB does not allow me to copy the pictures. The decoration was so lovely and the cupcakes were adorable.

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