Shoe # 12 – Mother’s Day

Sunday was Mother’s day and my husband is in China. I was alone with my daughter and the same adorable friend who trow the baby shower party didn’t want me to stay alone so she invited me to tag along her family for mother’s day lunch. 
First I was lazy to go but then I though this would be another excellent opportunity to save another pair of shoes for the shoe challenge. I chose to save this pair of high heels strap sandals that I have for more than 10 years. They are from Brazil, from a brand called Czarina. Unfortunately, it seems that the English version of the site is not ready.

WHAT: Black Czarina sandals
WHEN: Sunday, May 8th
WHERE: Mother’s day lunch
WITH: Dress from Banana Republic, earrings from Costco, Aldo clutch, ring from Also Accessories, Calvin Klein watch, hairband from Nordstrom Rack.

This is the coolest watch ever! My husband and I saw this watch on the magazine of TAP airlines on a flight from Frankfurt to Lisbon. We both loved it. For my birthday he asked me what I wanted and I said I wanted the watch. We search the internet and we founded on amazon way cheaper than on the airline. 

These earrings have a funny story. My husband saw them at Costco and called me to show them because I love earrings. Maybe I should start a earring challenge to see if I can wear all the earrings that I have. He surprised me with them on our wedding anniversary. Then, because liked them so much and also because she can’t remember anything, he surprised me again with another pair on my birthday!  And he could not believe he already had give to me until I showed him the previous pair.


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