Shoe #14 – The Squeaky Shoe

I’m calling these ones the squeaky shoes because the friction between my toes and the top part of the shoes was making a very loud noise. I had the “brilliant” idea of put some powder inside so there would be no friction. My plan worked till I got to the university.
As I got there and started to walk up and down, back and forth to deal with all the bureaucratic that I still needed to solve, the shoes started again EEK, EEK, EEK as I walk. I bet people were thinking that there was a toddler running around the department.

WHAT: Silver ballet flats Aldo
WHEN: Tuesday, May 10th
WHERE: Work at university
WITH: Top from Express, jeans from See Thru Soul (bought at Nordstron Rack), Aldo purse, earring hand made by a friend in Brasil, necklace from Iran (wedding gift from brother-in-law), my everyday watch from Bulova.


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