Shoe # 17 – The Killer Shoes

During the summer in 2005, my husband and I went to Germany and then Portugal. He had two conferences to go and I went with him, just to have fun. There, I saw espadrilles in every woman feet. Everywhere I would there, there were they: espadrilles. I’ve had never seen them in USA by that time. I went crazy about and want to buy one. I left for the last day and for my surprise, all the shopping were closed on Sunday. Brasil is like that but I think I got used to USA where everything is always open. 
Sadly, I went back to USA without my pair of espadrilles. Then, one day, I think it was 2005 already, I was shopping at Nordstrom Rack and I saw these pair of espadrilles and I went crazy about. I always buy things on sale, I hate to pay full price but for these ones, I didn’t are. I wanted them so bad I paid full price. They had them in black and blue and I chose the blue ones.
I love them but here in Florida, they were killing my feet!!! I thing because the heat and humidity, my feet must have been swelled and the edge of the top part (king of hard for me to describe it) was hurting me so bad that I wish I as less stingy and had bought the Dr. Scholl’s Fast Flats. But they were $12.00 at the place that I checked and I didn’t want to pay “all this money” for it.
Anyhow, I decide ti use my adorable espadrilles to go out for lunch with a friend. So here is the outfit.
WHAT: Espadrilles from Nordstrom Rack (it says Preview International on the insole)
WHEN: Friday, June 3rd
WHERE: Lunch with a friends
WITH: Jeans skirt from GAP outlet, Bulova watch, Old Navy tank top, vest from One Clothing (bought at Ross), necklaces from Charlotte Russe,  belt from Volcom*, earrings and bag from Brasil, graduation ring that belong to my grandfather and now it’s mine

* I just went to this store website and notice that it s totally not age appropriated for me! 
** You can see in this last picture that my feet looks a bit swelled and you maybe you can see what I’m referring to when I say “he top part was hurting me”. I tried to use Photoshop to put an arrow on it but now I remember why I had this program for so many years and I don’t use: it’s so difficult to just learn by clicking on the buttons (bottons??? I never know which one should I use). I hate when programs are not self intuitive. I definitely need to buy a book to learn how to use the damn thing.

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