Shoe #19 – Match-match

Remember in the 80ths and the 90ths when you would always match you purse-belt-shoes before going anywhere? I was very obsessed with this trend and would rather die than walk outside of my house if “the trio” wasn’t perfectly matching.
Is so much better nowadays when you can just mix and match, isn’t it? Well, sometimes that girl from the 80th-90th inside of me wants to get out and MATCH! 
So this is what happened on Saturday, when I took my daughter to a kids birthday party.

WHAT: Studded ballet flats by Aldo
WHEN: Saturday, June 25th
WHERE: Taking my daughter to a kids b-day party
WITH: Boyfriend jeans shorts from Mossimo for TargetAnn Taylor Loft top, bracelets from Charlotte Russe,  earrings from Brasil, Guess watch, grandfather’s graduation ring, Aldo clutch.

I took this photo without the flash to try to show better that the clutch totally match my flats. they’re both studded and in the same color (which I can’t describe but it’s kind of a very light greyish-beige).


5 thoughts on “Shoe #19 – Match-match

  1. Ha, I still have to resist the impulse to get all matchy-matchy with my shoes and accessories – sometimes I just give in to it!I love this outfit – you look so relaxed and chic!

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