Shoe #22 – Citizenship Interview

Today was my citizenship interview and I needed to go to Jacksonville for that. My test was at 10:10 AM so if I was going to drive, I probably would have to leave no later than 8 AM. You see, it takes about 1h45min to be there but when I drive, that means 2h or more. So I convinced my hubby to drive me so we could leave later and we would be there probably in 1.5 h. Besides that, we could make of that a short family trip (our daughter would have to go with us once she’s on vacation) and go to Costco for shopping. We love Costco and we miss very much not have one in town here in Gainesville. But it was a big mistake!! Big, huge mistake!! 
First he took a long time to get out of bed, then he ate his breakfast slowly while watching a movie. So we left at 8:30 AM. My goal was to leave no later than 8:15 AM. Then, my daughter started to complain about belly pain and we needed to stop twice and she didn’t do anything. Then when we were 20 min away from the place and the GPS was announcing our arrival at 10:05 AM, when she started coughing and I knew that coughing meant something else. I quickly grabbed a big mug that was in the car and put in front of her. She trow up and her belly pain was in reality an upset stomach. We pulled over and thank God there was a Panera Bread right in front. I run with her there and the poor thing was apologizing for the incident. My heart broke because I was getting really stressed out thinking I was going to miss my test. So while I tried to clean her in the bathroom, hubby tried to clean the car. 
We finally made it and I was 5 min late and smelling like vomit. Great first impression for a future American, no? Thank God again, the interview was very easy, I got all the questions right, my interviewer so very nice and funny and now I’m one step away of being American. I just need to wait for take the oath ceremony to be officially one. 
In the meantime, hubby took her to a Starbucks to try to clean her better and give her some food, considering she had nothing on her stomach. They came to pick me up and we went happily ever after shopping at Costco, where we bought a new outfit and changed her. Then it was my turn to apologize to her for being so nervous while she was sick. 
As you can imagine, I didn’t take pictures before we left home because I was extremely anxious and I thought it would be nice to take pictures in front of the USCIS office. Of course that after the vomit incident, with my shirt half wet (I washed in the bathroom of the office right after my interview was done), and a very smelly child in the car, I didn’t feel like it. 
So forgive me if I look miserable in the pictures. We got in home and after unload the car and put everything in place, I really didn’t want to take pictures but I really want to be in this week round of the Shoe Challenge  so I did. Here they are:

WHAT: Hawaiian woden flip flops (bought in a souvenir store in Kona, Big Island on my first visit to Hawaii)
WHEN: Thursday, July 28th
WHERE: Citizenship interview in Jacksonville
WITH: Skirt from Lapis (bought at Nordstrom Rack), white tank top from Old Navy, earrings from Brasil, Bulova watch, good luck charms necklace handmade by a friend, grandfather’s graduation ring.

UPDATE: so while I was changing my daughter in the bathroom, hubby bought a pair of earring that I had spotted right when we walked inside Costco and he surprised me with it on our way home. I think I can’t say it was a big mistake bringing him along on the trip anymore!


Shoe # 21 – My first faculty meeting

So on Monday we had a luncheon faculty meeting at the university.  It was my first one and I finally got formally introduced to the other faculty. I hope now they stop thinking that I’m a student. Not that I should look like one, because you know, I’m old! But it happened twice already that two professors came talk to me like I was a student.  It’s faltering but also concerns me because I want the students to respect me and I’m afraid they won’t.
Anyhow, I tried to dress for the meeting in a more boring way. I really want to put the new trousers I bought last year at Gap but it’s so damn hot here that just to say trousers make me sweat.
I finally got to save my Gold ballet flats (I used the green version here). The gold pair is so worn out that I shouldn’t put on anymore. But I love them. I’ll take them to Brasil with me to get them fixed. Here in USA is so expensive to do that. It’s way cheaper in Brasil. Even if I find here another great pair of old flats, I can’t buy them . You see, I’m in a shopping strike. I made this promise of not buy clothes, shoes, bags and accessories for me for one year. I also promise not eat chocolate for the same year. And this year finishes January 24th, 2012. I don’t know which one of the promises is harder to follow.
WHAT: Coura├ža Gold Ballet Flats from Brasil
WHEN: Monday, July 18th
WHERE: Faculty meeting at university
WITH: Navy silk skirt from Loft, yellow top from Banana Republic, earrings from Brasil, Guess watch, grandfather’s graduation ring.
PS.: I realize now as I see the pictures that I should have put a belt one! Maybe I should start to take the pictures before going out but I’m always late.

Shoe # 20 – Pool Party

So again, we had another kids birthday party to go. This time it was a pool party! My first thought was: nice, it’s so hot it’ll be great!!! My second thought was: wait a minute, do I need to wear a swim suit?? If I was back in my weight pre-baby (and that means 20 lb less) I wouldn’t mind. But now a days, the thought of put on a bathing suit terrifies me.
The day wasn’t sunny but it was really hot. I mean, probably like 86F but with this humidity, it’s impossible to stay out side. I packed my daughter’s swim bag and put on a separate bag towels and bathing suits for me and hubby (just in case). 
It end up that just the kids were in the pool. I think two dads went in with their little ones but no moms adventure to go. I bet all of them want to.  I know I wanted!! I was miserable, sweating, really uncomfortable. 
The reason was that I chose the wrong clothes to go!! You see, I thought the silk top would be very light and breezy and it feels so beach-y but I forgot the fact that I need to wear a tank top underneath because the silk top is a swimming suit cover up. I bought more than 5 years ago and I had been always using as a top because, even when I was 20 lb lighter, when I leave a pool or the beach, I really want to cover my butt. I wondering who wants to cover just the top, and walk away with their bikini bottom showing??? Not me!!
I also thought to take the opportunity and shoot the pictures at the pool party so I would have a different background but then I got embarrassed to pose with all the people around us. Then I got in home and thought at least go to my backyard so the pictures would be more summer-ish but  I was miserable hot so I came back inside and took the pics with the same old background.

I chose to go with my silver Max flip-flop because kids + pool = something very comfortable! I got this ones at Walmart for $5.00. Just because I wanted a “dressy” flip-flop (if this is possible…).

WHAT: Silver flip-flops from Max
WHEN: Saturday, July 16th
WHERE: Kids b-day pool party
WITH: Denin skirt from Gap, silk swimming suit cover-up from Gap used as a top, Banana Republic aviator sunglasses, earrings from Brasil, Guess watch, grandfather’s graduation ring.