Shoe # 20 – Pool Party

So again, we had another kids birthday party to go. This time it was a pool party! My first thought was: nice, it’s so hot it’ll be great!!! My second thought was: wait a minute, do I need to wear a swim suit?? If I was back in my weight pre-baby (and that means 20 lb less) I wouldn’t mind. But now a days, the thought of put on a bathing suit terrifies me.
The day wasn’t sunny but it was really hot. I mean, probably like 86F but with this humidity, it’s impossible to stay out side. I packed my daughter’s swim bag and put on a separate bag towels and bathing suits for me and hubby (just in case). 
It end up that just the kids were in the pool. I think two dads went in with their little ones but no moms adventure to go. I bet all of them want to.  I know I wanted!! I was miserable, sweating, really uncomfortable. 
The reason was that I chose the wrong clothes to go!! You see, I thought the silk top would be very light and breezy and it feels so beach-y but I forgot the fact that I need to wear a tank top underneath because the silk top is a swimming suit cover up. I bought more than 5 years ago and I had been always using as a top because, even when I was 20 lb lighter, when I leave a pool or the beach, I really want to cover my butt. I wondering who wants to cover just the top, and walk away with their bikini bottom showing??? Not me!!
I also thought to take the opportunity and shoot the pictures at the pool party so I would have a different background but then I got embarrassed to pose with all the people around us. Then I got in home and thought at least go to my backyard so the pictures would be more summer-ish but  I was miserable hot so I came back inside and took the pics with the same old background.

I chose to go with my silver Max flip-flop because kids + pool = something very comfortable! I got this ones at Walmart for $5.00. Just because I wanted a “dressy” flip-flop (if this is possible…).

WHAT: Silver flip-flops from Max
WHEN: Saturday, July 16th
WHERE: Kids b-day pool party
WITH: Denin skirt from Gap, silk swimming suit cover-up from Gap used as a top, Banana Republic aviator sunglasses, earrings from Brasil, Guess watch, grandfather’s graduation ring.



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