Shoe # 21 – My first faculty meeting

So on Monday we had a luncheon faculty meeting at the university.  It was my first one and I finally got formally introduced to the other faculty. I hope now they stop thinking that I’m a student. Not that I should look like one, because you know, I’m old! But it happened twice already that two professors came talk to me like I was a student.  It’s faltering but also concerns me because I want the students to respect me and I’m afraid they won’t.
Anyhow, I tried to dress for the meeting in a more boring way. I really want to put the new trousers I bought last year at Gap but it’s so damn hot here that just to say trousers make me sweat.
I finally got to save my Gold ballet flats (I used the green version here). The gold pair is so worn out that I shouldn’t put on anymore. But I love them. I’ll take them to Brasil with me to get them fixed. Here in USA is so expensive to do that. It’s way cheaper in Brasil. Even if I find here another great pair of old flats, I can’t buy them . You see, I’m in a shopping strike. I made this promise of not buy clothes, shoes, bags and accessories for me for one year. I also promise not eat chocolate for the same year. And this year finishes January 24th, 2012. I don’t know which one of the promises is harder to follow.
WHAT: Couraça Gold Ballet Flats from Brasil
WHEN: Monday, July 18th
WHERE: Faculty meeting at university
WITH: Navy silk skirt from Loft, yellow top from Banana Republic, earrings from Brasil, Guess watch, grandfather’s graduation ring.
PS.: I realize now as I see the pictures that I should have put a belt one! Maybe I should start to take the pictures before going out but I’m always late.


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