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I got an award from my blogger friend (I think I can call her friend, by now) from the blog Denise’s Planet, Codes and Secrets. She is Brasilian like me and we both “met” on the shoe challenge and I love to visit her blog. I wish I could keep my blog just like hers, talking about everything a bit. Maybe after the classes starts and I find a way to manege my time wisely…
So even though my blog is sometimes abandoned for the lack of time to post here, she gave me an award. Thank you so much!
One Lovely Blog AwardOne lovely blog award
For accepting the award, according to Denise., you have to:
1. Link back to the person who passed you the award;
2. Share 7 random things about yourself;
3. Award 15 blogs;
4. Drop them a note to tell them about it!

So here is my 7 things list:

1 – I don’t like pork meet and it’s not a religious thing, it’s just my taste. The smell of frying bacon makes me want to trow up. I’m not exagerating, it really makes me nauseous.
2 – I drink only latte type of coffee or like we do in Brasil: HOT milk and coffee. I hate to have to pour cold milk/cream on my coffee. I can’t stand warm coffee, it needs to be HOT.
3 – I hate the hard skin (can’t find a name in English for it, but in Portuguese would be “nata”) that form on top of the milk after you warm it. This is the #1 thing that makes me want to trow up. Not kidding either.
4 – I’m kind of hypochondriac. I always think I have something and I want to take medicines for everything. I also don’t handle pain very well, so before I get a headache, I’m already taking Tylenol.
5 – I’m a small dog type of person. I love to hug and cuddle and squeeze just like Felicia.
6 – I need to put nose drops every night on my nose when I go to bed. My nose gets completely congestioned when I lay down so I can’t sleep without my “magic drops”.
7 – I made a promise on 01/24/2011 to not eat chocolate or buy any clothes, purses, shoes and accessories for one year. I don’t know which one is harder to keep it. I’m looking forward for 01/24/12!
Bonus thing: I used to be a nearsighted till 5 years ago. I was a -10!! Having the surgery was the best thing ever! I can’t even remember how was to wear glasses or contacts.

Now I have to nominate 15 very nice blogs. This is very difficult to me because I read lots of professional blogs and I don’t think is fair to give them an award. I think some of them would not even care about it. So for personal blogs, as I mention, I do like Denise’s blog but I can’t give the award back to her so my list would be this:

1. Hello Lolla
2. Forever Amber
3. Futilish
4. Escreva Lola Escreva
6. Um ano sem Zara
7. Hoje eu vou assim
8. My milk tooth
9. Cake wrecks

I’m very sorry but I could not even find 15 blogs for the list. And even among these 9 blogs, I have to say that the last 3 are kind of professional. But I just love them. Here are other blogs that I read but are too professional to be included on the award list:

10. Garotas Estúpidas
11. Dia de Beauté
12. Shoeperwoman
13. The Fashion Police
14. Sea of Shoes

Not even adding these ones I made to 15.  Shame on me!


3 thoughts on “Blog Award

  1. Thanks for all your nice words about me! And OF COURSE you can call me friend! I loved your blog here, and now it’s much easier to comment!
    I will take a look at some of the blogs you recommended, I’m sure they are great! (Well, as you said, foreveramber, fashionpolice and shoeperwoman we know, and sea of shoes too, but the first half of the blogs you recommended! I will read after commenting!)
    Don’t worry if you can’t write very much – after all, a blog is to show our feelings, our time, what we are doing, BUT when we can do it… and this also shows the rhythm of our lives, which is very very good!

    • I almost changed the name of my blog when I transferred to wordpress bc I want to be more like yours. But the name I like the most for my “future” blog is in Portuguese and I didn’t find a good match in English. Also, I know I would be very eager to write but bc I don’t have all my lectures ready, my conscience would ha lot.

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