Shoe #23 – BBQ at home

After a week working from home in shorts, t-shirts and flip-flops, finally I got an opportunity to dress up and save some shoes.

We dad a small BBQ party at our home last Saturday. My husband is really in a party mood since we moved from Colorado. We have thrown so many parties at our house that I told him I didn’t want to have any party for a while because I was tired. But he convinced me saying soon classes will start and probably we won’t be having parties all the time anymore.

So we had the party. And it was great except for the first our or two. I was a little late with all the preps because I spent 2 hours watching Rio with my daughter. And I did just because it was the Rio movie, and it’s in Brasil. I never stop in front of the TV when there’s a party to be organized. That and the fact Sam’s club had the hugest lines ever. And Albertson’s too. And Sam’s didn’t have my meat ready and I had to go back again to pick them up. And another huge line. And off course, Murphy’s law, I always choose the slowest one, the one were people are paying with several types of payment, or price is wrong or something is holding them at the register.

So I got back home at 6 pm and the BBQ was at 6 pm. Great isn’t it? But after we ate I finally could relax and enjoy and talk with my guests.

Here is what I wore:

WHAT: Platform sandals hand-made by my friends Totty and Leia in Brasil
WHEN: Saturday, August 6th
WHERE: BBQ at home
WITH: Skirt from from Banana Republic, top from Loft, earrings from Brasil, Bulova watch, Also Accessories ring.

4 thoughts on “Shoe #23 – BBQ at home

  1. Wow, nice to throw a party! And your outfit is lovely! I miss my shoemaker so much, but unfortunately he died – an old man, 80, working for pleasure. He did everything I wanted, every design I gve to him (that I drew), and I don’t mean I miss him for his work only, but he was a nice fine person!
    So, you have friends who can make shoes, w-o-w! I am thinking of enrolling me in a shoe workshop… I think it’s time to be able to produce my “creations”!
    Very nice sandals! Congratulations!

    • I miss them a lot. They were so much fun that going there to order a shoe, or for the fitting would take a long time because we would just keeping chatting and laughing. Have been 4 years that I haven’t seen them . They were from São Carlos and since I had my daughter I just go to Curitiba when I go to Brasil bc it was too much hassle to travel by bus with her (there’s no airport in São Carlos).

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