Shoe # 24 – Red and Black, again!

My friends Bruna and Matt got married last Friday in the courthouse and they had a small celebration on Saturday evening at their home. When we got the invitations I thought that was going to be another great opportunity to save a high-heeled shoe and be on this week round-up of the shoe challenge!

I use to wear high heels all the time. ALL-THE-TIME! Last year I broke my toe and the doctor told me that my feet is shaped as a heel feet. It’s hard to explain in words but basically, means that your toes and bones are not aligned the way that somebody who never wears (or wear in moderation) high heels are.

Even when I was pregnant, I was still in my heels. But after my daughter was born, I was kind of afraid to drop her. It’s so much harder to hold a baby and find balance in heels. Then after she learned how to walk I though: Nice, now I can go back to heels! Until one day she ran away from me on the parking lot and it was hard to speed up to catch being in heels.

So I went back to flats. Nowadays she is a very good girl, who knows that she should always hold my hand and wait for me, but I got lazy. It’s so much more comfortable be in flats that it’s all I want to wear now. I own 14 pairs of ballet flats and one more sporty type from Puma. And my eyes always shine when I see a nice pair of flats. And I want more!!!

On the sandals side, I own just 4 pairs of flat sandals and 2  more dressy flip-flops. I totally need more flat sandals. I can’t wait for January 24th, 2012!

Back to the wedding, this is what I wore:

WHAT: Patent lather red pumps from Aldo
WHEN: Saturday, August 13th
WHERE: Friend’s wedding celebration
WITH: Dress from Bebe, earrings from TargetBulova watch, Aldo Accessories clutch and ring (this ring it’s the silver version of this one), headband from Brasil
And this is what my daughter wore to the party. She was very excited to be on the picture!

And that’s my hubby and my daughter making faces for the picture at the party:


2 thoughts on “Shoe # 24 – Red and Black, again!

  1. You looked amazing!!!!! I loved everything you wore, the shoes of course, but I simply loved the dress! And your daughter is so sweet! I’m sure it was a nice party, and you rocked! A perfect outfit! As for me, I was going to tell you that I use internet from a stick, so that it’s running out of credit, I have to buy a voucher… that’s basically why I didn’t answer to the email yet, but I promise I will! There’s so much to tell…
    Hope you are fine and we see each other tomorrow saving our shoes in the roundup!

    • Thank you so much Denise for your kind words! I read your email and I’ll try to reply this week. We spent the weekend at the beach and today was the first day of class so I end up not enjoying as much as I normally would because I was very anxious about the lectures.

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