Shoe # 25 – Baby Shower #2

I already went to a friend’s baby shower this year and I showed my outfit here. Yesterday I went to another baby shower. It seems all my friends are pregnant this year. There will be another one at my house in November for a third friend who’s also pregnant (obviously).

The one from yesterday was supposed to be at my house but it got changed to a friend’s club house. It is a relatively new condominium. My GPS didn’t find the address so I typed the address on my iPhone and voilà, I had a map to follow. My friend Tati (the one pregnant on the 1st baby shower this year) called me while I was on my way saying her GPS also didn’t find the place. I told her to put on her blackberry and she did. When I’m like 2 blocks from where my phone was marking as the party place, I got a call from Tati telling me to turn around because the party wasn’t in that place, even though both of our phones were sending us there. She said she was almost at the right place and she was going to put another friend on the phone to guide me there.

After a while, my friend Ana Bia came on the phone and told me the directions. I followed her directions and saw the name of the condominium on a sign and drove to the end of the street as I was instructed to do. I found a club house but there was no party there. So at this point, I was already out of gas, and it had been half hour that I was driving around trying to find the party. I called Ana Bia to try to understand what was going on. End up she forgot to tell me to turn left on the first round about and I was on the wrong condominium. But another 10 minutes had pass while we were trying to guess why I was in front of a club house with no party and I was going back and forth on the main street. And my car beeping like crazy alerting me I had no gas.

At this point I was extremely irritated and didn’t even want to go to the party anymore. I told Ana Bia they were on a magical place in some other dimension because it was impossible to find it (I get very dramatic when I angry and frustrated). She is such a calm person and she did calm me down and was patiently waiting for me outside of the right club house till I was able to find it.  I was so irritated and angry that I started to cry. This party was supposed to be at my house and I would not be lost for 40 minutes if was there. I wanted just leave the gift with her and go back home but she and Tati gave me a hug and made me calm down.

When I got inside, I apologized to the host for being so late and told her that I was lost because my GPS didn’t find and my phone sent me to another place. She looked at me and said “oh yes, it’s true, GPS never find my address”. I want to punch her!!! Seriously! I though my GPS was old and didn’t find it but then there were lots of other girls saying they all got lost and had to call her for directions. My friend Silvia, who arrived just 5 minutes before me, said she was so angry she was cursing like crazy in her car. Then I though I was the last one to get because I was so late. Suddenly there was another phone call to the host and I hear her giving directions and trying to convince  another lost guest to come. When this lady got in, she was furious too.

Now I ask, why not to put the directions on the invitation if YOU KNOW YOUR ADDRESS IS IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND IT!!!!! My house is on a corner lot and the address says  XXXX 63rd but the front of the house faces the other street. I ALWAYS explain this issue on my invitations and I even attach a little map. And the only thing wrong with my address is the fact the house faces the other street instead of the official address. If I had forgot to explain this, you would still be right on the corner when you would give me a call saying you didn’t find my house (and that happened once). It’s not like you first drove to a completely different neighborhood to find out you’re totally wrong.

Sorry for the long story but I was so angry that it took me more than half hour to start to enjoy the party. My mood was terrible and after the host told she knew that GPS don’t find her place, I was even a little rude when I told her she should had put a note on the invitations.  She looked at me like I had found the cure for cancer and said that was a good idea.

Enough winning! At least I’m happy that I’ll make this week round of the challenge. So here is the shoe that I saved:

WHAT: Yellow gladiator Czarina sandals
WHEN: Saturday, September 17th
WHERE: Baby shower party
WITH: Pleated black skirt from GAP, earrings and ring from TargetAldo clutch, embroided T-shirt from  Charlotte Russe,  Calvin Klein watch

This is the detail of the shirt. Is one of these maxi necklaces that were so fashion last year. And it’s one case of attached-together-clothes that The Fashion Police always talk about. I agree with her, I think the necklace should be sold separately so I could use with other outfits.  


3 thoughts on “Shoe # 25 – Baby Shower #2

  1. Oh my God, Ana! Don’t worry, the story is not long, I enjoyed reading it, thinking of you there, lost (not that I enjoyed that you were lost, but you wrote in a nice way), trying to figure out where the party was… and I also didn’t like the way your pregnant friend answered you. You are so right! A little map, it doesn’t cost much!
    I’m glad you arrived and could enjoy it later… as a positive note, I loooooooooved your outfit, as usual! The T-shirt with the attached necklace, amazing!!!!!! The skirt is suuuper sweet! And what for a watch! I looooved it! The sandals are also very beautiful! Love that style and color!
    So, now, prepare yourself to the next party… may the force be with you – and a map too!

    • Thanks Denise!! I saw the watch on a airplane magazine from Tap airlines going from Frankfurt to Lisbon, in 2005. I loved and my husband love it too. So he took the magazine from the plane and on my birthday, he gave m the watch.

      And the sandals, they are almost 15 years old! I was in college when I got them. I’m like you, if I really like the shoe and they are not too worn out I save them, no matter if for 10, 15 or 20 years! Gladiators came back and I was dying to use this pair.

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