Shoe # 26 – Potluck party

Yesterday we were invited to go to a potluck party at the house of another professor from the Aerospace Engineering Department (where hubby works; they have offices right next to each other). He is Indian and his name is Nagaraj. Hubby has another indian friend called Rajad who he talks a lot about. So I spent the night calling the host of the party Rajad. So embarrassing…

Well, there were around 20-25 people on the party: 1 Brasilian (me), 3 Persian (1 is hubby), 1 American, 1 Turkish and the rest was all Indians. So we had a Indian buffet with some lost dishes from other cultures. Everything was good. I really like Indian food but my tolerance for hot-spicy is zero. I’m a sissy when it comes to hot food. I thought I was going to just taste the “foreign” food but for my surprised there was just one spicy dish (that even an Indian lady complained it was too hot). The dessert was also amazingly good!

The shoe that I chose to save for the challenge I already had saved before. But when I saw the pictures I didn’t like the outfit very much so I took today potluck party as an opportunity to save them again. The first time I had a different scenario for the pictures I was really looking forward to post the pictures. Today I’m back to one of my old backgrounds.

WHAT: Banana Republic silver wedges
WHEN: Sunday, September 18th
WHERE: Potluck party
WITH: Dress from Banana Republic, Aldo clutch, Target earrings, Aldo Accessories bracelet, Bulova watch
In case you want to see the other outfit, here it is:

WHAT: Banana Republic silver wedges
WHEN: Saturday, August 20th
WHERE: Melbourne Beach, FL
WITH: Skirt from Lapis (bought at Nordstrom Rack) used as a dress,
Bolero from Loft, Target earrings,  Guess watch

4 thoughts on “Shoe # 26 – Potluck party

  1. Ana, what for a great surprised, you posted this 4 days ago… and as I always think you are very busy, I didn’t come here to check it out before… sorry! Then I saw that we are side-by-side on shoeperwoman, and came here immediately!
    As usual, I loved your dress and your story!!! I have an Indian friend too, she is so sweet! And yes, the food is very hot, I can’t eat it either! (When I do, because they say “ah, it’s mild, this one”, I always feel bad the next day… you know what I mean!)
    I loved both dresses and also the bracelet! Fantastic! You are very elegant and classy, always!
    Have a great weekend, Ana! Next week I’ll write an answer to your lovely email!!!

  2. Hi Denise! How bad I am!! I read your comment on my email and since then, didn’t have time to come to MY OWN BLOG!!! Things had been crazy on my side. Everybody keeps telling it will be better next semester, but sometimes I feel I want to quit. Finally this weekend I saved a pair of shoes and I’ll be posting soon!
    Hope everything is fine with you! Have a great week!

  3. And what about me, I just read that I wrote “what for a surprised…”, hahaha! I guess I wanted to say I was surprised and then decided for “what for a surprise” and the result was that!

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