Shoe # 27 – Happy Birthday

So tomorrow is my birthday. I used to like that but lately, I got hit by the fact that I’m so close to turn 40 that I started to have a mid-life crisis type of thing. I see every single wrinkle on my face every time I look in the mirror, I just notice the “parenthesis” mark next to my mouth and I feel I need a face lift. All of this plus the fact I’ve never lost all the weight I gain during my pregnancy.

Celebrating a birthday it’s not so fun for me anymore. I didn’t want to do anything but end up calling 3 other couples for a Taco Night at my place yesterday.

This is what I wore:

WHAT: Banana Republic black bow shoes
WHEN: Saturday, October 15th
WHERE: Birthday party at home
WITH: Pants and top from Banana Republic*, Aldo Accessories bracelet, Guess watch, earrings and necklace from Iran (gift from hubby from last time he went to visit his family), headband from World Market (last year’s birthday gift from a friend)
* I just notice I’m almost like a Banana Republic live catalog!

Now, remember when I said here that sometimes I can’t resist to the matchy-matchy thing. Well, look what I did yesterday:

I matched my nail polish with my pants!! I was dying to use those pants and I was also dying to try this polish that I asked my friend to bring from Brasil (Colorama Militar) because nail polishes in Brasil are waaaaay cheaper than here in USA. I know the bottle is smaller but who can finish a whole bottle of polish anyways. This color is a copy of the famous Chanel Khaki Vert and I think Colorama did a pretty good job. And I paid less than $3.00 while the Chanel ones costs waaaaaay more (I think in USA it is around $25.00). I’m pretty happy with my Colorama 😉

And here is me blowing the candles with my little helpers:

Here with me are my husband, my daughter and the little boy is the son of one of my friends.

PS.: It’s not 52 on the candles, it’s a 25. These were the only candles I found in the house so I thought it would be funny to to put them together. I turned 25 long, long time ago…tomorrow is the 12th anniversary of my 25th birthday!



5 thoughts on “Shoe # 27 – Happy Birthday

  1. Oh, I have come here sometimes to see if you had posted something, and there was nothing… finally, the day I didn’t come it was your birthday! I didn’t know, but please please, accept my belated happy birthday wishes! In astrology they say a year only begins when you have birthday, so happy new year now!
    Oh, I can’t believe you have wrinkles, you look so fresh! I think you are being very critical! You look gorgeous!
    And I loved your shoes and earrings!!! They are amazing! I think you had a great day, a very nice birthday!
    I am quite, uh… kind of busy these days… I also don’t fancy posting things very much now, but it’s a phase… I’m just doing it because I use the blog as a diary, to keep track of where I was and when. Also, I have some readers that really expect something and then I think “why not…”
    I’m going to visit my brothers in November… I’ll write an email soon! I’ve been thinking of writing for some time, but as I also know you are very busy, I thought “OK, soon, soon…” 🙂
    I hope you are fine!I’m sure you are! And this is very nice!
    Have a great week!!!!

    • I never thought that teaching would be so much work. And the undergrad students ae a headache. You wouldn’t believe their complains. I had one student saying to me that teh exercise on the exam should be identical to the ones on the home works. I can’t believe senior students have the audacity to ask me that. Everybody keeps teeeling me that on the first year it’s alot of work because I’m new and have to prepare everything from scratch and after that will be very easy. Well, I’m looking forwasrd for that otherwise I think I’ll quit! 😉
      My daugher’s b-day party will be next saturday. Our birthdays are so close and I like to put all my efforts on her party so I never feel like doing anything for mylself anymore. But on the last minute I decide to go for a taco night and call just a few closer friends. I’m glad I did, we had a wonderfull time!

      • oh my God, again it happened! As I know you are very busy, I normally also know you don’t post very often, so I don’t check it very often either. Now I checked and you said your daughter’s birthday was on Saturday! Argh, again I didn’t see, sorry! I’m sure it was really sweet and congratulations for her birthday (belated…!)
        My brother is also a professor and he reports the saaaaame things! Students don’t want to study, they want to memorize the exercises! Terrible!
        I hope you are fine!!! I’m struggling with my boxes… 😦
        Many kisses!

        • I just notice I said her birthday was going to be next saturday on Friday 21st but I was thinking on the following Saturday, which is tomorrow. So, to clarify, her party is tomorrow. Her actaul b-day is on Nov 2nd. So no need to appologize.
          What’s up with boxes? Are you moving? I understood you’re just visiting your brothers in BR.

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