Shoe # 28 – Homecoming Holiday

Last week I had my Friday happening on a Wednesday. Friday the 4th, was a holiday at UF for some homecoming thing. I still didn’t understand the meaning of that holiday but who cares: I didn’t have to work. And because I teach only on Mon, Wed and Fri, I was on a kind of vacation since Wednesday after I finished my last class.

Because of the holiday, lots of my friends were doing dinner parties to get together. We end up going to one of our Persian friend’s house for dinner on Saturday and I was able to save one more shoe for the challenge . We also went to have dinner with friends on Friday but I didn’t have time to take pictures. I’ll have to repeat my Friday outfit sometime soon.

WHAT: Maria Bonita black scarpin
WHEN: Saturday, November 5th
WHERE: Dinner at Persian friend’s house
WITH: Skirt and belt from Loft, black long sleeve t-shirt from Old Navy, gifted earrings, Bulova watch, good luck charms necklace handmade by a friend, Charlotte Russe ring, tights (are these tights or should I said pantyhose??) fromTarget.

And it was a chilly night so I got to wear one of my trench coats (I was starting to get worried that here in FL I wasn’t going to be able to wear any m]of my winter-ware). This one is Mossimo for Target

Then my daughter saw me taking the pictures and decided she want to pose too. Here she is wearing an all Gymboree outfit.

The shoe does not seem to have a very high hell on this picture. It almost look like a kitten hell but it’s not.  I’m just a bad photographer!


2 thoughts on “Shoe # 28 – Homecoming Holiday

  1. My dear friend, guess what, I have one of the flights that you know very well too, in 4 hours. I don’t know about you, because many people tell me “I love such a flight!”, but I don’t… so that everybody says I am sweet, but I know mysef and now, before such a flight, I guess you can’t recognize my way. I get so nervous…
    I loved your outfit and your trench coat! I want one like that! 🙂
    You look so beautiful and really thin, but in a good way, like a model. And your daughter couldn’t be sweeter, she was posing, soooo sweet!
    So… I was one week without internet, but from “there” I promise I will write you an email!
    Many kisses and… “see” you soon!
    Wish me luck… and have a great week!

  2. Hi my friend! I’m like you, I hate flying. I get really nervous too. Thanks you so much for your words. I lost almost 8 lb since the classes starts. It’s so much work that sometimes I barely remember to eat. I still need to loose another 13 lb to get to my weight before baby. But what I really need is to exercise and not eat less. I saved some shoes this week and I’ll start to write now before I forget to post. This weekend is Thanksgiving holiday so I want to take advantage and save some shoes!!!
    Hope you are enjoying Brasil!

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