Shoe # 30 – New Baby on the Block

On Sunday afternoon I went to visit a friend who had a baby a couple of weeks ago. Her baby shower was the Baby Shower # 2. It was her third baby and another girl for the team.  She was very cute with lots of long black hair and she remind me a lot of my daughter when she was born.

Visiting her gave a another opportunity to save another pair of shoes for the challenge! The weather was still weird, very cloudy and a little chilly. I chose to save a another pair of flats that have a more winter feeling and I love to wear them with black opaque tights:

WHAT: Ballet flats from Sam & Libby
WHEN: Sunday, November 20th
WHERE: Visiting friend’s new-born baby
WITH: boyfriend jeans short from Mossimo for Target, shirt from Banana Republic, blazer from Express, handmade belt from my friends Toty and Lea from Brasil, head band from Brasil, gifted earrings


3 thoughts on “Shoe # 30 – New Baby on the Block

  1. I love your flats! It’s always the same, on Monday I visited your blog and there was no post, then I saw your shoes on shoperwoman and I came “running” to read about them – and you, of course, and what you’ve been doing!
    These flats are so sweet and the whole outfit is great! Such a great job with the shorts, well done! (I also love the earrings!)
    I hope you have a great weekend – oh, I am sooooo bored here! But it seems it’ll get better from tomorrow on, when my brother has more time for me. After all, came to see him 10 days ago, and we only met once!!!!!!!

  2. How long are you staying in Brasil. Usually when I go there is so overwhelming because everybody wants to see me but they all work and they all want to do stuff on the weekends so it’s hard to please everybody. And I always have a list of stuff I want to do (I leave all the shoe fixing, sewing stuff to do it in Brasil because it’s so expensive here) but it became so hard for me to drive there. I don’t remember the streets anymore, I hate driving a manual car, so I just end up in home waiting for somebody to drive me where I want to go. Hope you can have some fun there! Enjoy the arm weather at least!

    • I’ll stay around 3 months, if I don’t die out of boredom before… well, it was the way you described when my parents were alive. I had lots of friends, and my parents’ friends too, they all wanted to see me and I couldn’t please everybody.
      Now it all changed. I have some friends, not as many as before, cause being away for so long leads to this and I am OK with it. To some I won’t even say I am here. After all, holidays, beach, it’s dfficult to get people in the city this time anyway.
      I guess I’ll try to meet one or 2 cousins in January, my mother’s friends in December, I will call or mail some because of Christmas and I’m fine this way. I changed a lot last year, and this year too – well, after what I had to go through…
      The places changed very much here too, it’s difficult to find things, and yesterday I almost saw a crash and I said, in English, “oh my God!” That is how I am used to speak, it’s been difficult here.
      Anyway, I came for my brothers’ birthdays and Christmas and new year, and that is what I will accomplish… honestly, can’t wait to go back, although I don’t know whether it’s right or not… I am so scared these days, to make wrong decisions and to suffer in the future! I got so lost without my parents! But as I say, I guess it’s normal to feel this way…

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