Shoe # 29 – Baby Shower #3

It seems everybody is pregnant but me. And we’ve been trying to get pregnant since last year. The more time it takes, the more anxious I get, and the less pregnant I get!

Well, this was the third baby shower I got to go this year. This other friend of mine is about to have a baby end of December so we trow her a baby shower at my house last Saturday.

It was a weird day. Outside was cloudy and rainy but warm, with temperatures in the 80F. Inside my house, it was kind of chilly. So I took the opportunity to save a pair of boots for the challenge. I’m getting worried because this year, it seems that is not going to get cold ever here in FL and I won’t be able to save all my winter shoes.

This is what I wore for the baby shower:

WHAT: Brown boots from What’s What by Aerosole
WHEN: Saturday, November 19th
WHERE: Baby shower party at my house
WITH: Sweater dress from Victoria’s Secret, Bulova watch, sheer tights from L’eggs Everyday, earrings gift from hubby, grandfather graduation ring, bracelets gift from a friend
These earrings have a funny story. I saw them in a window of a store and my husband surprise me with them  on our wedding anniversary. Then, a couple of month later,  a few days before my birthday, I was a little depressed.  In order to cheer me up he decide to give my birthday gift earlier. The gift wast was the same pair of earrings!
I opened the gift and I thought he was making a joke and got the first pair and put in a box to give to me. After he told me that he didn’t do that, that he really bought it I went to my jewelry box and showed him the other pair. He could not remember that he already had given to me the same pair of earrings a couple of months earlier! I end up exchanging for something else.

2 thoughts on “Shoe # 29 – Baby Shower #3

  1. Wow, I loooove the dress! And the accessories! The earrings are so sweet, the whole story!!! Funny story, indeed!
    Don’t worry, look, I am not pregnant!!!! I have a friend who wants to be, and she said the more nervous she gets, the worse it is, and I believe it… it’ll happen, I am sure, you will have a second baby!!! I am crossing my fingers for you!

  2. Thanks my friend! When I got pregnant with my first one, it was like this too. All the stress and nothing. Then I didn’t want her to be born in winter time because in CO was too cold so when I stopped trying so she wouldn’t be born in the winter month, I got pregnant! I think I have to stop trying!

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