Shoe # 31 – Persian Dinner

We were invited for a dinner party in one of our persian friend’s house. This lady is a widow and she has 3 daughters and a full-time job. And she is always caring and helping every Iranian that arrives to town.

So in her dinner party, I was the foreign one. The only non-Iranian person there (well, me and the kids who were born in USA). So several time during the party, they would start to speak in farsi and I was left out. My husband tried to keep the conversation in English but it was hard. Finally I got tired and I started to remind them to speak in English, please. Kind of uncomfortable to ask at first but it was this or I would need to leave the party because I was bored.

It was another chilly night so one more opportunity for a winter shoe save! First I was worried I wasn’t going to be able to save all my summer shoes but it doesn’t seems winter is coming this year to Gainesville. So now I’m worried I won’t be able to save my winter shoes. Anyhow, the chosen one, to be featured on this week challenge, was a pair of high heel black oxfords.

WHAT: High heeled oxfords from Banana Republic
WHEN: Saturday, November 26th
WHERE: Persian dinner
WITH: Dress from Banana Republic, belt from the bottom of the closet, headband from Brasil, clutch from Aldo, Target earrings, trench coat from Express
Since it was cold, I took the opportunity to wear another trench coat. This one is probably the most expensive piece of clothing in my closet. It hurts my wallet just to remember that my husband paid more than 300 dollars for it. It was Christmas and I was obsessed with it since I saw in the window of Express. When he decide to buy it so I would stop winning, they didn’t have it at the store anymore. We had to drive 40 minutes to another town to get it.

2 thoughts on “Shoe # 31 – Persian Dinner

  1. Totally great that you drove 40 min for that trench coat, it’s fabulous!!!!!!!!!! You look amazing for the dinner party, I love the dress and the shoes, and the grand finale was that fabulous, fantastic trench coat!!!!!!! Great outfit!

  2. Thanks my friend! It’s funny because I’m wearing a Banana Republic dress that I bought on a Christmas sale for US$13.00, the shoes were also from sale at Banana and I paid around US$30.00 (both were down from US$98.00, if I’m correct). This is usually what I like to pay fro clothes. I’m always searching the clearance rack. But the trench coat….this one won me and I end up paying full price.

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