Shoe # 32 – New addition!

When I saw this pair of sneakers at Aldo store, it was love at first sight. But I couldn’t even try them on because they were too small and they didn’t have my size at the store. So I told my husband the sneakers could be a good Christmas gift. That happened before my birthday but I didn’t ask to be my birthday gift because he already had given me a whole new outfit (the one I used on my birthday party plus another top).

So on the day of my party, my husband gave me a little receipt. It was the receipt from Aldo and he had bought my gold sneakers! I was so happy and like a little child, I waited for the mail everyday to get my new pair of shoes. Of course I was wearing them in the very next day. I already used them countless times but only today I had the time to take some pictures.

It wasn’t any special occasion, just a regular day. But I needed to be sure they were going to be saved before the challenge ends.

WHAT: Aeillo gold sneakers from Aldo.
WHEN: Monday, November 28th
WHERE: Regular day, working at UF
WITH: Cropped jeans from See Thru Soul, Handmade top from a street fair that happens every Sunday morning in my city in Brasil (bought long time a ago), Guess watch, earrings from Brasil (they have some beads made of sandalwood so they smell like it)
When I went with the sneakers to the university, I got lots of compliments from some of my students (the girls, I meant). First I was very flattered but then later it made me think: Am I too old to be wearing them??

3 thoughts on “Shoe # 32 – New addition!

  1. Of course you are not old to wear your lovely sneakers! Such a lovely present – your husband is so cool and helpful to carry on your passon for fashion, I like this! Your sneakers look sooo sweet, and most of all, not only stylish, but I bet super comfortable, right?
    Guess what, I also loved your earrings and watch!!! Of course!
    As a coincidence, I was wearing sneakers yesterday!
    My brother asked me to help him – yes, help… just me doing the thing – cleaning one of our apartments, the one he is living in – at the moment, I live in mine. He didn’t want to ask a cleaner to go there while he found that everything needed to be properly organized first… I don’t mind cleaning, so that was what I did, therefore I wore sneakers. When he finishes the term (he is a professor), then we will hire a cleaner. Then he can have an “outsider” at home, for some hours, cause when he is preparing classes he can’t bear any noise!
    And that’s the explanation of “first and second flats” that you once asked me… I have one for me, we have some other properties together (my 2 brothers and I). In England? Of course I can’t consider any place I live there as “mine”. I could when I lived in Germany, but I can’t in England.
    Anyway, as usual, you look loooooooooovely!

    • Hi my friend! The end of the semester is driving me nuts. But it’s close to an end. I need to grade the exams by Monday and then I’m done! But unfortunately, I still can’t enjoy vacation because I have to organize my classes for next semester and they start January 9th
      I really need to catch up with the shoe challenge otherwise I won’t finish in time!!

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