Shoe # 34 – Winter Flats

Today was another day where I could save a pair of winter flats. They were a birthday gift from a dear friend from Colorado. I love the detail of the bow on top and the fabric that they are made of. But they do have a very winter look so I never wear them without tights. There are three things that I love together: tights, shorts and flats and today I could wear them.

Featuring on this week challenge, my pair of plaid flats:

WHAT: Plaid winter flats from American Eagle
WHEN: Wednesday, December 21th
WHERE: Working
WITH: Forever 21 shorts, my Seinfield* shirt from Miley Cirus for Walmart, Guess watch, black tights, Charllote Russe ring
* I call this shirt my “Seinfield” shirt because it has all this ruffles in the front so it reminds me of the famous puff shirt used by him.


Shoe # 33 – Scarf Day

Even a little wind became an excuse for me to wear a piece of winter wear from my closet. So today I took the opportunity to wear a scarf. I love scarves and  I think they add a lot of charm to an outfit.

I also saved my “boat shoes” for the challenge. I call them that because,even though I love them when you are looking from the top (they look like an orange patent lather flats), from the side they look like they are being carried by a boat. I wish they have a different sole.

WHAT: Orange flats from Puma
WHEN: Monday, December 5th
WHERE: Working at UF
WITH: Pants from Banana Republic, t-shirt from Old Navy, GAP belt, scarf from Ross
The boat: