Shoe # 35 – Winter look

Since I read on the shoeperwoman post that there are only 6 weeks to the end of the challenge I started to panic. I still have 25 pair of shoes to save. I have used them but not photographing them. I really need to change that soon. I left my tripod set in the leaving room and I’ll try to photograph every single pair of unsaved shoes I use for now on. Probably I’ll take less pictures of details but what matters is to save the shoes!

So today was really cold here. Like in the 30F earlier in the morning and around mid-40F in the afternoon. I know I have lived in a much colder place before so it was good to be able to put on a sweater and boots today. I also got to wear one of my down jackets.

I had two people asking me today what have I done to my hair that looks different. The thing is that my hair is in need of a hair cut so badly, that I even had to clip my bangs sideways because it’s just impossible to style them. Both of the people who comment on my hair could not simply notice I wasn’t wearing bangs today. That was the only difference. Both of them were guys though, so I’m not surprised!

I took the picture in front of my Christmas tree. I’ll take it out this weekend. Or at least I’ll try. Who know, classes starts on Monday and I might be able to take the Christmas decoration out only end of April after the classes finishes! The HOA here in my neighborhood already sent letters telling people to remove their holiday decorations ASAP!!

WHAT: Hand made (ankle?) boots by my Brasilian friends Totty and Lea
WHEN: Monday, January 4th
WHERE: Working
WITH: Flare jeans from GAP, Guess watch, very old sweater from Brasil (the tag says Billy Brothers), sandal wood earrings from Brasil, down jacket from Jonathan Stone (bought at Costco)*
* This is a kids jacket. I really liked and it was very cheap so I got a large size (14-16)

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