Shoe # 36 – (Ankle?) boots

The shoe saved today for the shoechallenge is the sister of the one saved yesterday. They were also made by my Brasilian friends Totty and Lea. Both pairs must be almost 10 years old. You can tell by how worn they are. But I can’t trow them out. They also have sentimental value for me because they were handmade by my friends.

I keep using the question mark next to ankle because I don’t really know how to call this type of boots. Ten years ago, they were made to be worn with straight or flare pants. I think back them we have this type of boots and the knee length ones that were mostly used use skirts or dresses. Leggings and skinny jeans were in I think. At least not in Brasil.

These are not exactly ankle boots so I’ll keep calling ankle? with the question mark in the lack of a better term for them. I still have one more pair, also handmade but less worn. The remaining pair has high stiletto style heels and I wouldn’t use to go to work. Hope I have somewhere to use them before the challenge ends.

WHAT: Hand made (ankle?) boots by my Brasilian friends Totty and Lea
WHEN: Thursday, January 5th
WHERE: Working
WITH: VS Pensil jeans from Victoria’s Secret, Bulova watch, sweater from New York and CO. T-shirt from GAP, J. Crew purse, gifted earrings
If you are wondering what the heck a nutcracker does on the floor, that’s was my daughter’s contribution for the picture. She really wanted him to be on it. Latter she interviewed him. She’s been in a reporter mood lately.

4 thoughts on “Shoe # 36 – (Ankle?) boots

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  2. Wow! These friends are soooo talented! They are fantastic boots, these ones now and the others in the previous post! I loved them (the “camel?” ones are really great! These black one very elegant!) And you look veeeery beautiful!
    I am so glad you posted these two shoe saves, because, yes, time is running… we have roughly 5 weeks now till the end of the challenge, and by then I’ll be in the UK, yaaaaaaay!
    But what should I do? (I have already made the decision), with boxes arriving from Germany and UK? Just because I have a hectic life style, I can’t donate my “babies” that are coming by sea. It’s not my fault I wasn’t next to them! And more than 250 pairs are in the boxes… mostly because of this I am donating things here. It makes me feel less guilty! Paying more than $2,000 for the shipping company to bring things “to donate”? No way!
    Guess what, my dear friend, problems and problems because of the beach house (and family). So I won’t reply the mail today! Solving the problems right now!
    Have a super lovely Friday!

    • First of all: you look so HOT in these new picture!!! Gorgeous!!
      Why dod you ship all your stuff to Brasil? I thought you never have the intention to stay there for long term. You sure can’t donate all your shoe collection!!!

      Hope you can get all your problems solved (beach house and family). Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I came to see if you left a reply and yes, there was! I shipped things to Brazil because you know I have no place to leave things there in the UK, and here I have my own apartment… so I preferred leaving things here, it’s safer. It’s true that when I am in the UK I miss wearing “this or that”, but what can I do… you know. I can’t go frm “here to that point” there carrying two bags all the time, and even to fly it’s forbidden.
    I have 4 or 5 boxes there, and besure, I’ll ship them to Brazil as soon as I get there. No other chance. I can’t open the boxes, to put my things where? So the Shoe Challenge helped me to wear my things, ONCE, and then I put every outfit in a box, but at least I had a picture to remember the things I have. Very seldom I repeated an outfit last year.
    If I stay in the UK, then I will think of everything again, but also, if I stay it’s because I have a definite place, not like now. 🙂 Let’s see…

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