Shoe # 37 – New hair

Today I end up spending my whole morning doing beauty services. First I went to shape my eyebrows. They were horrendous so I went to my Indian lady. She is awesome. The treading technique is also awesome. In Brasil, everybody uses a tweezer to do it (I never did myself, I always end up with a hole in the middle of my eyebrows when I tried). here is USA, everybody wants to do your eyebrows with wax. The problem is, wax on top is ok, but on the skin underneath your eyebrows, not so good. The heat can cause your skin to  sag.

After my eyebrow appointment I decided to do my nails. I went to a different salon since I only like one manicure from the salon I usually go and she wasn’t there. Because I had a 11 am appointment to cut my hair, I had to leave without applying the polish. I was going to go back later this afternoon but end up not going so I’ll do it tomorrow.

Got to the hair salon. I decided to try this guy who was recommended by my realtor. The first time O tried to make an appointment the waiting list was almost two month. I got upset and didn’t go. Then, after going to three different hair stylists in less than one years and not being happy with any of them, I decided to make the appointment with this guy. I thought that if he has a waiting list of 6 weeks, it should be for a good reason.

The salon was awesome, very pretty. The prettiest one I had been in USA so far. First he gave a tour of the place since it was my first time. Then he did a consultation to see what I was expecting from the hair cut. Then it came the washing/massaging and I got a free scalp treatment (a promotion they are doing this month). Finally he cut my hair using the dry technique. He did cut my bangs too short but he apologized right away and he gave a $15.00 discount. I had that happened many times before and usually the people keeps trying to camouflage the short bangs without saying anything.

The only thing I don’t like very much, is that to use the dry cut technique, he needs to flatiron my hair. I like my hair straight sometimes but only blow dry. The hair straightener makes may hair to flat.  I still prefer my curls. I did get lots of complements though. Everybody was saying it looks elegant, chick . This makes me wondering if my curly hairs so so inelegant….

Enough said, here are the pictures. I chose to save one more pair of boots. These are supposed to be over the knee but the suede stretched and now a days they always stay below the knee.

WHAT: Over the knee black sued boots from Chinese Laundry
WHEN: Friday, January 6th
WHERE: Beauty day
WITH: Black legging from Silver One, dress from Xhilaration for Target, gifted earrings, Bulova watch

One thought on “Shoe # 37 – New hair

  1. Oh no, your hair is always beautiful! I guess people said “elegant” just to say “I noticed there’s something different!” And both ways are elegant! Curls too!
    I loooooved your dress!!!!!

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