Shoe # 38 – First day of class

The spring semester started on Monday, the 9th. After I was done with my classes that day I thought: how long for April 27th (last day of classes)??? I hope tis semester will be easier than the previous one. One of the courses that I though last semester, I’m teaching again now so everything is prepared. In this semester I have a new course. Nobody have taught it for the past 15, 20 years. It’s good because I can totally make it my own but I don’t have anything. I’m preparing everything from scratch.

Time is running fast and I still have lots of shoe to save before the end of the challenge. The shoe that I saved on the first day of class was another one of the handmade ones, by my friends Totty and Lea.

WHAT: Black hand made shoes made by my Brasilian friends Totty and Lea
WHEN: Monday, January 9th
WHERE: First day of classes
WITH: Flare jeans from GAP, shirt and belt from Banana Republic, gifted earrings, Bulova watch

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