Shoe # 39 – Winter wedges

On the second day of classes, I decide to finally use my winter wedges. I need to buy more shoes like this one, that are very comfortable but are not flats. I’m not particularly crazy about the look of these, but they are very comfortable. And “they” say you should not wear glares with flats but since I love flares and I own 14 pairs of flats and only two comfortable heeled shoes, I think soon I’ll go against “them”and I’ll start to use flares with flats!

I set a goal to save at least 3 pair of shoes per week in order to catch up with the challenge. Let’s see if I can keep up with my goal.

WHAT: GAP winter wedges
WHEN: Friday, January 11th
WHERE: Beauty day
WITH: Flare jeans from Loft, top from Victorias’s Secret, Guess watch, sandal wood earrings from Brasil, headband from Brasil


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