Shoe # 40 – It’s cold today

Thanks God the week finally finished. And the best part is that I holiday next Monday! Even though I’m happy it’s a holiday, I wish it was a little bit more into the semester. After only a week of classes, a holiday does not have the same effect on me than after at least a month of classes. I think they should have at least one holiday per month!

It’s is very cold today. But I had planned to save for the challenge one of my last pairs of flats (I still have another two pairs to save) and I didn’t want to change the outfit I had planned so I added a scarf to keep me warm.

WHAT: Aldo satin flats
WHEN: Friday, January 13th
WHERE: Working
WITH: Tights from George for Walmart, top from Victorias’s SecretGuess watch, headband from Brasil (a silver version of the one I used yesterday), scarf from more than 10 years ago from Brasil
I forgot to take a picture of the headband. I was in such a hurry to take the pictures and posted before Friday was over. I was very tired as well (reason why I don’t look very happy on the pictures). The only picture where it showed better, I looked awful so I tried to cropped the picture but I couldn’t do it in WordPress.

2 thoughts on “Shoe # 40 – It’s cold today

  1. Oh, I have been missing your posts! I saw the first day of class now, and the wedges – that I looooooved! And now the sweet flats! I am looking for a pair of flats to buy, to arrive in England stylish and comfortable! I mean, I normally travel wearing heels… the flats are to walk there, I use to walk a lot there.
    You always look beautiful because you are beautiful, inside and outside!
    I saw you will have holidays from today on? Wow, very good!
    As for me, it’s rush time now. I will fly in exactly 30 days and I alternate between being very excited and put off, for a number of reasons.
    I read your email and I will answer for sure! I just wanted to say I was with tears after I read it… how come such a beautiful girl like you, so sweet, so amazing, so brilliant, wrote me so touching things towards me, who sometimes used to think I was a very bad person…(sorry for that, my mom used to say that to me… I won’t judge her, especially now that I miss her so much… but it “enters” into your mind and to take it out is very difficult).
    Thank you sooooo very much for your email and believe me, you can also count on me, ALWAYS!

    I wont correct any typs or else I wont send this now!!!!

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