Shoe # 41 – Rain, rain, go away…

Today it was pouring rain all day long. All-day-long!!! Non-stop! So I took the opportunity to save one of my rain boots.

I thought to take the pictures outside, but it is still raining a lot so I decide to take them on the same old spot.

I took these pictures right after done a facial so I I have no make up on. Except for a lipstick otherwise you would think it was a ghost on the photos. My hair also didn’t help much. With all these rain, it got so frizzy that I had to put a hair clip on my bangs.

WHAT: GAP rain boots
WHEN: Wednesday, January 18th
WHERE: Working
WITH: Skinny jeans from Forever 21, trench coat from Banana Republic
I didn’t even bother to take a picture without the trench coat because I was using just a boring sweater. The trench coat was way more interesting.
And I forgot to take a close up picture with my camera and I got lazy to set i up again so I just took one with my phone.


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