Shoe # 42 – Preppy style

The challenge is close to an end and I still have so my shoes to save. I decided that I need to save at least all my flats. I chose the stripe one from No boundaries today. I didn’t know which outfit to match because they have a more spring/summer feeling to me.

It was cold in the morning (39F) but when I check the forecast, it saw it was going to get to 75F!. So I decide to put an outfit that would be suitable for both weathers. I have to say that the vest made me a little too hot when I left the university around 2:30 PM.  But now looking the pictures, I notice that it’s a little bit like preppy style isn’t it?

WHAT: No Boundaries striped flats (I think I got them at Walmart)
WHEN: Friday, January 20th
WHERE: Working
WITH: VS Pencil jeans from Victoria’s Sectret, vest from Schooner (a Brasilian store) from dizillions of years ago, white shirt from Lady Hathaway (bought at Costco), jeans jacket from GAP


2 thoughts on “Shoe # 42 – Preppy style

  1. That was a greeeeeat outfit!!!! I loved it, and the flats too, so sweet! I also check out Arezzo, but those flats are too flat for me – I like with a low heel. They have some on sale, but somehow, I still don’t know… you know I’m not exactly a “flat lover”… But thanks anyway!
    Well… 3 weeks now… I told myself I will wear just what I had left in Brazil (not from boxes), and my God, as I saw I started here wearing # 84 and now it’s # 119… wow, I had left a lot. I have boots, of course, but com’on, it’s not possible. I hope Amber understands that my life style was way different from other people, and shifting from place to place makes it difficut to keep up with such a challenge – and yet, I think given the conditions, I was pretty successful! I made an effort!
    I hope you are fine and that we soon can talk! Oh, 25 days and I will fly, yaaaaaaay!

    • I’m sure Amber will understand! You did really great in saving all the shoes that you were able to do it. I have way less shoes than you and I don’t think I’m going to be able to save all them. I’ll try to save two this weekend and see if I can save more during the week. But I still have some summer shoes that or I used but didn’t photograph or didn’t even use at all. I have a pair of mules that I want to add a slingback or ankle strap like you did on your shoes. I find very hard to walk on them without anything so I don’t use them a lot.

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