Shoe # 43 – Mommy and me

My daughter had asked me all week-long to go to the play ground at Chik-Fill-A. The thing is, it’s really a McDonalds and I don’t know why she insist to call it Chik-Fill-A. They have a big playground outside so I though today finally take her there.

The shoes weren’t the most appropriated ones for an afternoon at McDonalds but I need to save them, so I wore them anyways. The thing is that I already have used these boots many times this year, but have never photograph them.

WHAT: Black boots from Deba it’s what it says inside of the boots. I don’t remember where I got them)
WHEN: Saturday, January 21st
WHERE: Taking my daughter to McDonalds playground
WITH: Leggings from Steve Madden, top from NY & Co., gifted earrings, Bulova watch

2 thoughts on “Shoe # 43 – Mommy and me

  1. So stylish! Amazing boots! Really beautiful and I loooooved your top! Love that color!
    How many pairs do you still have to save? I need to finish my closet in order to know (still a mess…) I will only know the number of the shoes I have on Feb 24th!
    I have boots here but at 30 degrees C I won’t wear them, of course. But I think I did a good job! And you too!!!!!!
    Hope you are fine!!!! This week I’ll go the post office! After all, I will fly in 23 days and time flies!

    • I love the color of the top too! t’s one of my favorite colors. I manege to save one more yesterday (totally inappropriate shoes to go visit a new born baby, but I need to save shoes) and one today (I’ll post a little bit) so I saved so far 45/59. I have to save 14 in 3 weeks so that means 4 to 5 pairs per week! I never saved this much in one week! Besides there are some very summery shoes and even though today was 80F in the afternoon, early in the morning is kind of chilly so it’s difficult to wear them.

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