Shoe # 45 – Pop of Color

I’m going really try to save a lot of shoes this week. I started the week with this hot pink pointy flats. I even got into the fashion trend of “pop of color” here with this outfit. I was tempted to match the lipstick with the shoes but I didn’t go that far (I have t say that right now, my toe nails match exactly this shade of pink). I chose a different shade of pink instead.

WHAT: Aldo hot pink pointy ballet flats
WHEN: Monday, January 23rd
WITH: T-shirt and necklaces from Charlotte RusseBulova watch, Gap denim vest and belt, earrings from Brasil, VS Pencil jeans from Victoria’s Secret


One thought on “Shoe # 45 – Pop of Color

  1. Well, I was waiting for a new post, but since there isn’t… I guess you are very busy! (I am sure you are!) So I will say now that I love pink shoes!!!!

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