Shoe # 35 – Winter look

Since I read on the shoeperwoman post that there are only 6 weeks to the end of the challenge I started to panic. I still have 25 pair of shoes to save. I have used them but not photographing them. I really need to change that soon. I left my tripod set in the leaving room and I’ll try to photograph every single pair of unsaved shoes I use for now on. Probably I’ll take less pictures of details but what matters is to save the shoes!

So today was really cold here. Like in the 30F earlier in the morning and around mid-40F in the afternoon. I know I have lived in a much colder place before so it was good to be able to put on a sweater and boots today. I also got to wear one of my down jackets.

I had two people asking me today what have I done to my hair that looks different. The thing is that my hair is in need of a hair cut so badly, that I even had to clip my bangs sideways because it’s just impossible to style them. Both of the people who comment on my hair could not simply notice I wasn’t wearing bangs today. That was the only difference. Both of them were guys though, so I’m not surprised!

I took the picture in front of my Christmas tree. I’ll take it out this weekend. Or at least I’ll try. Who know, classes starts on Monday and I might be able to take the Christmas decoration out only end of April after the classes finishes! The HOA here in my neighborhood already sent letters telling people to remove their holiday decorations ASAP!!

WHAT: Hand made (ankle?) boots by my Brasilian friends Totty and Lea
WHEN: Monday, January 4th
WHERE: Working
WITH: Flare jeans from GAP, Guess watch, very old sweater from Brasil (the tag says Billy Brothers), sandal wood earrings from Brasil, down jacket from Jonathan Stone (bought at Costco)*
* This is a kids jacket. I really liked and it was very cheap so I got a large size (14-16)

Shoe # 34 – Winter Flats

Today was another day where I could save a pair of winter flats. They were a birthday gift from a dear friend from Colorado. I love the detail of the bow on top and the fabric that they are made of. But they do have a very winter look so I never wear them without tights. There are three things that I love together: tights, shorts and flats and today I could wear them.

Featuring on this week challenge, my pair of plaid flats:

WHAT: Plaid winter flats from American Eagle
WHEN: Wednesday, December 21th
WHERE: Working
WITH: Forever 21 shorts, my Seinfield* shirt from Miley Cirus for Walmart, Guess watch, black tights, Charllote Russe ring
* I call this shirt my “Seinfield” shirt because it has all this ruffles in the front so it reminds me of the famous puff shirt used by him.

Shoe # 33 – Scarf Day

Even a little wind became an excuse for me to wear a piece of winter wear from my closet. So today I took the opportunity to wear a scarf. I love scarves and  I think they add a lot of charm to an outfit.

I also saved my “boat shoes” for the challenge. I call them that because,even though I love them when you are looking from the top (they look like an orange patent lather flats), from the side they look like they are being carried by a boat. I wish they have a different sole.

WHAT: Orange flats from Puma
WHEN: Monday, December 5th
WHERE: Working at UF
WITH: Pants from Banana Republic, t-shirt from Old Navy, GAP belt, scarf from Ross
The boat:

Shoe # 32 – New addition!

When I saw this pair of sneakers at Aldo store, it was love at first sight. But I couldn’t even try them on because they were too small and they didn’t have my size at the store. So I told my husband the sneakers could be a good Christmas gift. That happened before my birthday but I didn’t ask to be my birthday gift because he already had given me a whole new outfit (the one I used on my birthday party plus another top).

So on the day of my party, my husband gave me a little receipt. It was the receipt from Aldo and he had bought my gold sneakers! I was so happy and like a little child, I waited for the mail everyday to get my new pair of shoes. Of course I was wearing them in the very next day. I already used them countless times but only today I had the time to take some pictures.

It wasn’t any special occasion, just a regular day. But I needed to be sure they were going to be saved before the challenge ends.

WHAT: Aeillo gold sneakers from Aldo.
WHEN: Monday, November 28th
WHERE: Regular day, working at UF
WITH: Cropped jeans from See Thru Soul, Handmade top from a street fair that happens every Sunday morning in my city in Brasil (bought long time a ago), Guess watch, earrings from Brasil (they have some beads made of sandalwood so they smell like it)
When I went with the sneakers to the university, I got lots of compliments from some of my students (the girls, I meant). First I was very flattered but then later it made me think: Am I too old to be wearing them??

Shoe # 31 – Persian Dinner

We were invited for a dinner party in one of our persian friend’s house. This lady is a widow and she has 3 daughters and a full-time job. And she is always caring and helping every Iranian that arrives to town.

So in her dinner party, I was the foreign one. The only non-Iranian person there (well, me and the kids who were born in USA). So several time during the party, they would start to speak in farsi and I was left out. My husband tried to keep the conversation in English but it was hard. Finally I got tired and I started to remind them to speak in English, please. Kind of uncomfortable to ask at first but it was this or I would need to leave the party because I was bored.

It was another chilly night so one more opportunity for a winter shoe save! First I was worried I wasn’t going to be able to save all my summer shoes but it doesn’t seems winter is coming this year to Gainesville. So now I’m worried I won’t be able to save my winter shoes. Anyhow, the chosen one, to be featured on this week challenge, was a pair of high heel black oxfords.

WHAT: High heeled oxfords from Banana Republic
WHEN: Saturday, November 26th
WHERE: Persian dinner
WITH: Dress from Banana Republic, belt from the bottom of the closet, headband from Brasil, clutch from Aldo, Target earrings, trench coat from Express
Since it was cold, I took the opportunity to wear another trench coat. This one is probably the most expensive piece of clothing in my closet. It hurts my wallet just to remember that my husband paid more than 300 dollars for it. It was Christmas and I was obsessed with it since I saw in the window of Express. When he decide to buy it so I would stop winning, they didn’t have it at the store anymore. We had to drive 40 minutes to another town to get it.

Shoe # 30 – New Baby on the Block

On Sunday afternoon I went to visit a friend who had a baby a couple of weeks ago. Her baby shower was the Baby Shower # 2. It was her third baby and another girl for the team.  She was very cute with lots of long black hair and she remind me a lot of my daughter when she was born.

Visiting her gave a another opportunity to save another pair of shoes for the challenge! The weather was still weird, very cloudy and a little chilly. I chose to save a another pair of flats that have a more winter feeling and I love to wear them with black opaque tights:

WHAT: Ballet flats from Sam & Libby
WHEN: Sunday, November 20th
WHERE: Visiting friend’s new-born baby
WITH: boyfriend jeans short from Mossimo for Target, shirt from Banana Republic, blazer from Express, handmade belt from my friends Toty and Lea from Brasil, head band from Brasil, gifted earrings

Shoe # 29 – Baby Shower #3

It seems everybody is pregnant but me. And we’ve been trying to get pregnant since last year. The more time it takes, the more anxious I get, and the less pregnant I get!

Well, this was the third baby shower I got to go this year. This other friend of mine is about to have a baby end of December so we trow her a baby shower at my house last Saturday.

It was a weird day. Outside was cloudy and rainy but warm, with temperatures in the 80F. Inside my house, it was kind of chilly. So I took the opportunity to save a pair of boots for the challenge. I’m getting worried because this year, it seems that is not going to get cold ever here in FL and I won’t be able to save all my winter shoes.

This is what I wore for the baby shower:

WHAT: Brown boots from What’s What by Aerosole
WHEN: Saturday, November 19th
WHERE: Baby shower party at my house
WITH: Sweater dress from Victoria’s Secret, Bulova watch, sheer tights from L’eggs Everyday, earrings gift from hubby, grandfather graduation ring, bracelets gift from a friend
These earrings have a funny story. I saw them in a window of a store and my husband surprise me with them  on our wedding anniversary. Then, a couple of month later,  a few days before my birthday, I was a little depressed.  In order to cheer me up he decide to give my birthday gift earlier. The gift wast was the same pair of earrings!
I opened the gift and I thought he was making a joke and got the first pair and put in a box to give to me. After he told me that he didn’t do that, that he really bought it I went to my jewelry box and showed him the other pair. He could not remember that he already had given to me the same pair of earrings a couple of months earlier! I end up exchanging for something else.

Shoe # 28 – Homecoming Holiday

Last week I had my Friday happening on a Wednesday. Friday the 4th, was a holiday at UF for some homecoming thing. I still didn’t understand the meaning of that holiday but who cares: I didn’t have to work. And because I teach only on Mon, Wed and Fri, I was on a kind of vacation since Wednesday after I finished my last class.

Because of the holiday, lots of my friends were doing dinner parties to get together. We end up going to one of our Persian friend’s house for dinner on Saturday and I was able to save one more shoe for the challenge . We also went to have dinner with friends on Friday but I didn’t have time to take pictures. I’ll have to repeat my Friday outfit sometime soon.

WHAT: Maria Bonita black scarpin
WHEN: Saturday, November 5th
WHERE: Dinner at Persian friend’s house
WITH: Skirt and belt from Loft, black long sleeve t-shirt from Old Navy, gifted earrings, Bulova watch, good luck charms necklace handmade by a friend, Charlotte Russe ring, tights (are these tights or should I said pantyhose??) fromTarget.

And it was a chilly night so I got to wear one of my trench coats (I was starting to get worried that here in FL I wasn’t going to be able to wear any m]of my winter-ware). This one is Mossimo for Target

Then my daughter saw me taking the pictures and decided she want to pose too. Here she is wearing an all Gymboree outfit.

The shoe does not seem to have a very high hell on this picture. It almost look like a kitten hell but it’s not.  I’m just a bad photographer!

Shoe # 27 – Happy Birthday

So tomorrow is my birthday. I used to like that but lately, I got hit by the fact that I’m so close to turn 40 that I started to have a mid-life crisis type of thing. I see every single wrinkle on my face every time I look in the mirror, I just notice the “parenthesis” mark next to my mouth and I feel I need a face lift. All of this plus the fact I’ve never lost all the weight I gain during my pregnancy.

Celebrating a birthday it’s not so fun for me anymore. I didn’t want to do anything but end up calling 3 other couples for a Taco Night at my place yesterday.

This is what I wore:

WHAT: Banana Republic black bow shoes
WHEN: Saturday, October 15th
WHERE: Birthday party at home
WITH: Pants and top from Banana Republic*, Aldo Accessories bracelet, Guess watch, earrings and necklace from Iran (gift from hubby from last time he went to visit his family), headband from World Market (last year’s birthday gift from a friend)
* I just notice I’m almost like a Banana Republic live catalog!

Now, remember when I said here that sometimes I can’t resist to the matchy-matchy thing. Well, look what I did yesterday:

I matched my nail polish with my pants!! I was dying to use those pants and I was also dying to try this polish that I asked my friend to bring from Brasil (Colorama Militar) because nail polishes in Brasil are waaaaay cheaper than here in USA. I know the bottle is smaller but who can finish a whole bottle of polish anyways. This color is a copy of the famous Chanel Khaki Vert and I think Colorama did a pretty good job. And I paid less than $3.00 while the Chanel ones costs waaaaaay more (I think in USA it is around $25.00). I’m pretty happy with my Colorama 😉

And here is me blowing the candles with my little helpers:

Here with me are my husband, my daughter and the little boy is the son of one of my friends.

PS.: It’s not 52 on the candles, it’s a 25. These were the only candles I found in the house so I thought it would be funny to to put them together. I turned 25 long, long time ago…tomorrow is the 12th anniversary of my 25th birthday!


Shoe # 26 – Potluck party

Yesterday we were invited to go to a potluck party at the house of another professor from the Aerospace Engineering Department (where hubby works; they have offices right next to each other). He is Indian and his name is Nagaraj. Hubby has another indian friend called Rajad who he talks a lot about. So I spent the night calling the host of the party Rajad. So embarrassing…

Well, there were around 20-25 people on the party: 1 Brasilian (me), 3 Persian (1 is hubby), 1 American, 1 Turkish and the rest was all Indians. So we had a Indian buffet with some lost dishes from other cultures. Everything was good. I really like Indian food but my tolerance for hot-spicy is zero. I’m a sissy when it comes to hot food. I thought I was going to just taste the “foreign” food but for my surprised there was just one spicy dish (that even an Indian lady complained it was too hot). The dessert was also amazingly good!

The shoe that I chose to save for the challenge I already had saved before. But when I saw the pictures I didn’t like the outfit very much so I took today potluck party as an opportunity to save them again. The first time I had a different scenario for the pictures I was really looking forward to post the pictures. Today I’m back to one of my old backgrounds.

WHAT: Banana Republic silver wedges
WHEN: Sunday, September 18th
WHERE: Potluck party
WITH: Dress from Banana Republic, Aldo clutch, Target earrings, Aldo Accessories bracelet, Bulova watch
In case you want to see the other outfit, here it is:

WHAT: Banana Republic silver wedges
WHEN: Saturday, August 20th
WHERE: Melbourne Beach, FL
WITH: Skirt from Lapis (bought at Nordstrom Rack) used as a dress,
Bolero from Loft, Target earrings,  Guess watch